Friday, January 11, 2013

Afternoon tea...

Today I enjoyed afternoon tea with my friend Allanah. The time started in an unexpected way with us ending up at two different places and once we realized we weren't at the same place my friend went back to her car to come to my location only to find that she had locked her keys in the car.

So, the time began with an unexpected adventure!

Even with all of that craziness we were still able to enjoy a tea time.

Tea time2

Tea time1

Tea time6

Tea time4

Tea time3

Tea time5

Allanah and I tea time

Just because we're adults doesn't mean that we can't have fun and have tea parties. I'm so glad that I have creative friends who can enjoy doing what might seem silly to others. Simple fun is wonderful!

I hope you've enjoyed the photos. I'd like to end with a few tea party tips.

-My top five tea party tips-

1. The little details make it special. I brought a flower arrangement, books, and a tiny tea set. I tied the napkins up with ribbon and I even made the little banner that we tied to a nearby tree. Allanah also brought two tea sets and was kind enough to bring two baked goods for us to split. The little details make it even more fun and special.

2. Don't worry about everything matching! Allanah and I both brought tea sets and I mixed and matched many different objects for the tea party. We also brought different colored fabrics to put over the table. Mixing and matching colors, patterns, and tea sets can be a part of the fun!

3. Bring a few different tea options for you and your guest (or guests) to choose from.

4. Take pictures, but more importantly, take time to talk.

5. Dress up a little or a lot! Allanah looked amazing. She had on a neat outfit which included a petticoat and a corset as well as a fascinator. I enjoyed wearing my rainboots, a dress, my new hat, and red lipstick. All in all, take a little time to dress up. The way you dress up may be different than your friend/friends, but that's okay.    

Happy tea time!



  1. Oh, this looks so lovely. I need to be better at hostessing/helping with these sorts of parties.

    I really love your flower arrangement. I like the concept of using bottles and pitchers and such for vases.

    I love mini teas sets. I own three myself; I think that they are just darling.

    I adore Allanah's fascinator.

    I hope you enjoy more such parties.

    1. Thank you!

      I'm glad you liked it. I really like that vase. I found it on clearance at Target a few months ago. It is such a lovely shade of blue!

      How neat! Mini-tea sets are fun.

      It was a lovely fascinator indeed.

      Thank you for your comment!


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