Monday, January 14, 2013

A little e-card on a Magnificent Monday...

E-card Smile

There are simple moments in life, simple beauties that can be over looked and under appreciated. Mondays are often viewed as the rough first day of the week with no beauty to be appreciated. But, if you look closely, there is always a bit of magnificence to be found.

I began classes for my second semester of college today. It went well, but I was very tired when I arrived back home and in need of a few hours of rest. After I had taken time to rest I got up and began checking email and such. I was still feeling a bit worn when I saw an e-card in my inbox. It blessed me so much! It was a cheerful little card with a sweet message at the end.

I thought I would take a little picture of it and share the story with all of you tonight.

Remember, even on a busy and tiring Monday there is Magnificence  to be found and appreciated!

May your Mondays be Magnificent!



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