Thursday, January 3, 2013

A heart may miss someone...

When you miss someone....

Treasure the moment...

I may have been missing someone this week.
I may have a family that likes to give me a hard time, but that also loves me enough to do silly things for me. (Like, drive to a restaurant that is farther away just so I could see that someone.)
I may be learning.
I may have a hard time getting past my practicality and how silly it seems to miss someone like this.
I may still be a little timid. (Or, maybe a lot.) 
I may be learning to give myself permission to feel, to miss, and open my heart a little.
Not all at once, not rushing, or going crazy. But, a little.

It may be a funny thing, learning to allow your heart to trust, to open a little, to be okay with missing someone.

This may be my noncommittal way of saying-
I'm learning heart lessons, that it is okay to miss someone, and to treasure the moments you're blessed with.



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