Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When you're in a funk on New Year's Eve...

Annie Love in Light

New Year's Eve 2013

New Year's Eve Sweater Sleeve

A nice way to bring in the new year is to snuggle with a brown-eyed dog and wear a new comfy sweater. You might eat a little bit of supper with your family and watch a movie too, but the comfy sweater and brown-eyed dog are the most important. Yes, that is an especially nice way to spend New Year's Eve when you're in a bit of an emotional funk.

So, I hope that everyone has a happy and safe New Year's Eve (even if you don't spend it with a furry friend while wearing a comfy sweater) and a wonderful start to 2014!


Monday, December 23, 2013

It is Christmas Eve Eve...

Christmas Reflection

May you have a very merry Christmas Eve, Eve and the days that follow!

May you make some joyful memories, celebrate life, and give thanks.

And, maybe, enjoy the reflection of a Christmas tree within a mirror frame.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thinking about hugs...

I have been thinking about hugs this week. Thinking about how a hug wanted can be one of the most wonderful feelings. It can make you feel warm, cared for, loved, encouraged, supported, and joyful. It can feel safe.

Hugs from my beautiful Momma are very wanted. She hugs me when I am happy, excited, confused, upset, and when I cry. She hugs me to let me know she loves me and I hug her sometimes just to say, "Goodnight." She hugs me to show support and care. Those sort of hugs are so very wanted.

But, a hug unwanted is another thing entirely. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and doesn't make you feel loved. The humorous story below is about the unwanted kind...

The Unwanted Hug 

Once upon a time there was a gal. She was finishing the end of a semester at college and looking forward to the holidays and many hugs from her beloved family. On her second to last day of finals week a guy from one of her classes happens to see her and asks if he could get a hug. At the time she was working and had a stack of posters piled high as a skyscraper in one arm and tape in her other hand. This made a good excuse to say no and go on with the day.

On the day goes with work and getting all of the posters put up. However, she sees the guy once again that day and he tells her with a determined voice that he will get that hug sometime. And, to some it might have sounded like he was joking, but she knew he really wasn't.

So, once again the day goes on. Work is finished, a holiday meeting and party attended, and all of her finals are done. As the day comes to an end, she is happily walking down the hall to head home when she suddenly hears someone call her name one floor below and say, "I am getting that hug!" It is him again. She watches as he begins to run down an entire hallway and up a flight of stairs to get a hug. A million thoughts race through her mind and she decides to continue walking. In the end an awkward side hug is given and she begins to hope that he will forget all about her over winter break. She hopes he will find some other girl that he can run down a hall and up a flight of stairs for just to get a hug. Because, if it had been the right girl it would have been incredibly sweet and very romantic. She just isn't the right girl and really doesn't want to be mean. But, no matter how sweet it could seem to some, the fact remains- The hug was unwanted.   

The end.


Friday, November 29, 2013


Balloon Boy

Sometimes a yellow balloon is nearly the greatest thing in the entire world.
Sometimes you happen to have your camera ready at just the right moment.
And, sometimes, a single picture can make you smile a dozen times.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Simplistic Saturdays: Hello, Autumn...

Autumn 2013

Hello, Autumn. Welcome back. I've missed you. I'm glad you've returned.
You've brought your dancing leaves and colorful splashes once again. My heart is full.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When a month slips away...

Juni Snuggle

Tonight I am tired. Tomorrow I will be up at the school for 13 hours. (Which is a typical Wednesday for this semester.) I am not complaining, simply stating the facts.

With those two facts in mind you may understand that I had no intention of writing a blog post tonight. The only real intentions I had were to check email, eat a fresh baked cookie my sister had for me, and then curl up in bed with my cat. But, then I saw something on Facebook. (After all, Facebook totally counts as checking email, right?) I saw that one of my favorite bloggers Bethany had posted after a long blog break.

At the end of the blog post, Bethany wrote something that inspired me, "...let's start by 'doing' rather than talking about 'doing'."

What Bethany was talking about was the fact that she tried to write a post about why she was away from the blog so long, but then decided instead to just jump right back in and write. It inspired me. Why as a blogger do I feel the need to explain every single time I am away? Sometimes it is good to keep your readers "in the loop", but other times life simply happens. All in all, I was inspired tonight by Bethany's words. 

So, here I am, I am going to start "doing" too. I am going to begin and not give all of the reasons why I haven't been writing as much. Instead I will give highlights from life lately.

-I am nearly done with my Math class and it looks like I may even make an A!

-I'm currently working on a crocheted mermaid doll and look forward to sharing pictures soon.
-I have so many interesting stories that I come home with from experiences with individuals at work.
-Creative Writing has been a really good class for me this semester.
-I will be a bridesmaid in my sweetest friend's wedding in mere weeks!
-My youngest brother is officially taller than me, which means I am officially the shortest in the family. 
-I will most likely use this list to write more in depth blog posts later on.

How are you, blog friends?

For those in the U.S.A., are you looking forward to Thanksgiving?



Monday, October 28, 2013

Giving of two...


Yesterday was a mixture of a day. Yesterday I gave two things to two different people.

One gift was a true joy to give! It was a gift for my dear friend Sara Beth. The gift was a song that I had been patiently waiting to give her for a long time. To watch her as she heard it for the first time and to be able to place a DVD copy in her hands was one of the greatest blessings. I am so thankful that I was able to give it to her.

Yet, the other giving was hard. It came about from God working in my heart. It wasn't easy to give even though it was good and what I was supposed to do. This was a gift of letting go. It was a gift of letting go of hurt feelings and a gift of forgiving. But, it was also a giving up of dreams and good memories into God's faithful hands.

To be honest, thoughts of the difficult giving of yesterday have been woven into my thoughts throughout today. It hasn't been easy. I'm trying to let go and to trust. I've let go of a lot of pain and so much un-forgiveness, but now I must let go of things I loved, things I cherished, dreams I dreamed, and good memories.

Letting go is hard. Especially when sometimes you still miss the good things, the good times, and the good moments with someone.

All in all, it is strange to think how much contrast a single day can hold. Filled with joy, laughter, tears, and aching all in one 24 hours span of time. Yet, in the midst of all of it God is faithful.

I pray that I will continue to learn to trust in this season of letting go.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Simplistic Saturdays...

Today I'm beginning a new blog series titled Simplistic Saturdays. Each Saturday I will post something simple such as a creative picture and a sentence or two. I hope you enjoy this new and simplistic series!

They Called Her A Wallflower

They called her a wallflower and she simply smiled.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

I don't need makeup...


I don't need makeup to be beautiful.

One day this week I wore makeup. Full makeup. I wore eye shadow, foundation, powder, mascara, and bright lipstick. I don't wear makeup every day so it was out of the ordinary for me. Someone I like and know commented that I should wear makeup more often. This person also jokingly stated that I would certainly "catch" a guy if I did and that I don't want to scare him/prospective guys away at the start with a makeup free face. I will be honest, it stung a little at first. But, then I realized something and so I simply responded what I truly believe, "My face isn't scary without makeup."

First of all, this is not a post about bashing the person that said these comments. It is more about the perception of beauty and relationships that bring about such conversations as the one I experienced. The reality is, I don't need makeup to be beautiful. I don't need makeup to meet the right guy. I don't even need a man. Is makeup nice from time to time? Yes. I wear it on days that I want to have a little creative fun with the way I look or to special events because I like to. And, I do hope that one day I will share life with someone else and eventually get married and start a family. But, I do not need it. My joy is not placed in such things.

The second thing I realized after walking away from that conversation is that if a makeup free face "scares away" a guy in the early stages of the relationship, he is not someone I want to or need to be with. If I am with someone he needs to stand by me when I am having a Fibro flare, when the pain is so terrible I cry. Someone who will learn to listen and support me when I am emotional or dealing with something difficult. I desire to be with someone that won't run the opposite direction when I am sick with the flu, in bed with greasy hair, a runny nose, and fever. Someone who will see me as beautiful when lines start to crease my face. Someone who will still hold my hands when they are wrinkled. I need someone who will choose to love and be patient with me when I loose my temper and act selfishly. So, if the mere sight of makeup free skin "scares" him early in our relationship, he is not the one for me. I am certain there are many scarier/uglier things he will see than that. Because, the reality of a relationship is that you don't just see the beautiful. The closer you get to someone, the more time you spend together, the more you see the beautiful and the ugly.

And, for those of you reading, I hope you also know this-

You don't need makeup to be beautiful. You are so much more than painted skin.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

New hair...

Life lately has been such a new season.

List of new-

1. I am actually doing well (and dare I say it?) enjoying my math course. This is new and very unexpected.
2. I am working my very first office job this year.
3. I'm taking a creative writing class.
4. I am incredibly peaceful these days.
Anxiety and stress are the lowest they've has been in a long time.
5. I've started volunteering as a reading tutor one morning a week.
6. I'm writing more and getting a little braver in dreaming about/submitting work for publication consideration.
7. I am learning to be content in singleness again.

There are so many new things that I decided I wanted a fresh haircut. I've been missing my short hair so I went and had it chopped short yesterday. It feels so wonderful to have short hair again!

I am thankful for the newness of so many things. But, most of all, I am thankful for the peacefulness I'm experiencing these days.

Thoughts to ponder-
Do you have any new things going on these days?
What are you enjoying about the current season you're in?


Friday, September 27, 2013

Annie time...




Yesterday I had a few blissfully free hours of an afternoon at home. I filled it with so many lovely things! I did laundry, hung up autumn decorations, rested, sang, wrote, prayed, and enjoyed an outdoor adventure time with my Annie girl.

One of my favorite things to do is spend time outdoors with my dog Annie. She investigates the surroundings, pays close attention to smells, and keeps an eye out for cats. I watch my lovely brown eyed buddy roam around the yard, gaze at the songbirds, squirrels, tiny plants, tinier bugs, and the vast expanse of sky. There are so many intricacies to notice outdoors. There are so many things to appreciate! It is beautiful. It is especially beautiful to appreciate afternoon adventures with Annie now that I spend so much time indoors at work and school.

So, Annie and I captured a little of one of our adventures on video and a few photographs to share with all of you.

Happy Friday, everyone!


P.S. In case you were wondering...Any time is good for Annie time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Videos for your Monday...

If you wanted to say 'aw'...

If you want to say 'wow'...

If you want to be inspired...

May your Mondays be Magnificent! 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Math dreams and creative things...

This is what my mind looks like tonight. I am currently studying for my first math test and my brain is a mish-mosh of numbers, words, and thoughts. I've studied and studied and studied today. Now I do believe I will head to bed early. I will curl up under blankets and rest my tired mind.

In some ways it is hard to believe that I haven't posted anything in this space since August. On the other hand, it makes total sense. Life is very busy right now. I am working part time at a job I truly enjoy, taking a full course load of classes, and I am striving to make good grades which means that I am investing lots of time into studying. I do not have as much time for creative outlets such as this blog and my craft projects. But, never fear! I am still taking time for creativity and I am not giving up on this blog. However, I'm coming to realize that this blog space isn't as high of a priority right now.

I would like to thank those of you who still read this little space of mine and leave comments from time to time. I hope that the little bits I do post in this busy season will bring a smile to at least one person's face and encouragement to at least one person's heart.

Before I go I did want to share a bit of creativity I've been able to enjoy recently. My dear friend Sara Beth is getting married! I have the privilege of being one of her bridesmaids and I recently helped her with some wedding related things. We tea-stained white lace dresses for the bridesmaids to wear.

I wanted to share a quick picture from the time and I hope to share pictures of (at least) my dress once I get it back. I am also currently working on headbands that the bridesmaids may wear. Even during this busy season I am finding time to be at least a little creative.

Now, off I go to curl up in bed and dream dreams where math equations swirl in my head.

Thoughts to ponder-

Does math excite you, tire you, or a combination of both?
How do you find time for creativity during busy times?


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Relationship thoughts and a little fairy...



If I am ever in another relationship (and if I one day marry someone) whoever I am with will have to be supportive of my odd artistic whims. This includes being aware that he may walk into a room and see me resting on my back, on the floor, with my camera above my head just because there happens is a perfect patch of sunshine coming through a nearby window. He will have to be okay with the fact that I still read children's books aloud to myself sometimes and that I often wake up randomly in the middle of the night to jot down inspiration that has come in a dream. Lastly, he will have to be able to at least smile at my creative whims even when such times include the fact that I am a grown adult making a fairy home.

In the meantime, I am positively fine with the fact that I have such whims and I have wonderfully supportive family that simply smiles when I bring home a thrift store find and proclaim it is the perfect fairy house. I do not need a relationship to be joyful and creative in my life, but today I realized once again that if I am ever in another relationship it is vital that whoever I am with is supportive of my creativity and my love of children and childlike things.

Now, after that bit of rambling, back to the fairy house!

Today while thrift store shopping I came across what seemed to be a candle holder in the shape of a strawberry house. I immediately thought it looked like just the place a fairy would call home. So, I spent part of this afternoon creating a tiny fairy and a little piece of property for her strawberry house to rest upon. I named the little fairy Arunima. I carpeted her home with red felt, gave her a puff of smoke for her chimney, and a lovely little garden/yard where she can enjoy having picnics. She has a hand crocheted picnic blanket, blue button plates, and a bit of yummy fairy food. Her wings and hair glimmer with pixie dust and her dress is of the finest petals. All in all, I had a truly wonderful time with this creative whim. It was a grand way to spend the beginning of this three day weekend.









Thoughts to ponder-

Do you have interesting creative whims?
Are you ever creative in more "childish" ways?


Monday, August 26, 2013

Becoming a bridesmaid...

Bridesmaid dress

One of my dearest friends is getting married this December. I am so excited for her and her fellow! And, I am excited to be a bridesmaid! For this wedding I was asked to wear a cream colored lace dress. So, I did a bit of searching online and I settled on a dress from Ruche. Hopefully it will fit well and be just the right length for the wedding.

It is such a wonderful, emotional and strange thing to be a bridesmaid for one of my dearest friends. I can pretty much guarantee that I will cry at the wedding.The tears will be the happy sort, but they will flow.

This sweet friend of mine has sat with me many a time. We've shared tears, laughter, and stories. We have had honest conversations over cups of piping hot tea. We've celebrated birthdays, prayed together, encouraged one another, and spoken truth in love. Long before she became engaged we had conversations about hopes and dreams. We talked about our dream wedding rings and shared about how if we were still close enough come the time either of us got married that we would ask each other to be bridesmaids. It is amazing how quickly life has changed since we had such conversations a few years ago. When we talked about dreams of getting married it seemed so very far away and now here we are mere months away from her marry an incredible guy. I am so happy for her and I can't wait to stand up in front of the church showing my support.

Thoughts to ponder-

Have any of your dear friends gotten engaged recently?
Have you ever been in a wedding party?


Monday, August 19, 2013

Nature glimpses and a new adventure begun...




This weekend I went on a mini-nature walk. I only walked around my own backyard, but I decided to look closely at the details around my yard and capture little interesting glimpses. I noticed the ants and imagined I was much smaller. I imagined how incredible and huge the adventure of my backyard would seem from that perspective. With the help of my imagination and taking time to look at little things I capture some truly interesting glimpses.

There were three specific glimpses I wanted to share today. There was the jungle of weeds so thick and green. I could imagine trekking through it. Then there was the hidden green treasure nestled beside stones and twigs just waiting to be found. Lastly, there was a pure white feather resting in the shadows with the decaying things.

I truly like each photograph. They are each beautiful in their own ways.

The adventure I went on in my backyard was more of an adventure thanks to imagination, but the adventure I began today is very real. Today I started my very first office job as a student worker at my college. I put together folder packets, met the wonderful staff members I'll be working with, answered student questions, and worked diligently on the other tasks assigned. I began a new adventure today and I am excited. I have begun a much need newness. Today a new season and chapter started. I look forward to seeing what this adventure continues to hold. I am excited to work hard and do a good job while participating in this new opportunity.

Life is full of adventures. Sometimes the adventure is helped along with a little imagination and sometimes it is wholly and purely a real life occurrence.

Thoughts to ponder-

What little glimpses could you have missed in your own backyard?
Have you begun any adventures lately?


Thursday, August 15, 2013

My baby sister is an adult...

Lovely Dana




Time flies by so quickly! This week my baby sister turned 18. She is truly kind, thoughtful, loving, artistic and beautiful. She is one of my very best friends and I am so proud of the woman she has become. I can't wait to continue watching her grow. She is so dear to me.

We've been celebrating with yummy Alaskan Salmon from our Uncle Bill, homemade bread, and delicious cake and ice-cream. I look forward to continuing celebrations this weekend and with a tea we will be hosting in her honor in a few weeks.

Thoughts to ponder-
Does time seem to fly by quickly?
How do you make the most of the special days that come along like birthdays?


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Elijah...

Elijah and his Momma

Elijah and I

Baby feet...


Today I was blessed to have the opportunity to see my friend Laura and meet her precious baby boy Elijah. I went by for a visit and to give her two baby hats I made for her little guy. It was wonderful to see her.

I always marvel at the incredible tiny features of babies and the reality that all of us were once so small. Elijah is a precious little one and he is blessed to have two amazing parents that love him so very much. I truly couldn't help but smile as I uploaded these photos. The gift of life is such a precious thing.

It is incredible to think about the fact that I met Laura before she was married, attended her wedding, photographed her baby shower, and now I have met the little life that grew inside of her. I have held Elijah, heard him cry, felt him grasp my finger tightly, and looked into his beautiful eyes. It is truly miraculous.

Today I am in awe and thankful for the incredible reminders in life of God's faithfulness.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Books make good pillows...

Girly Girl

This just in- Books make good pillows! Well, at least that is what my cat Girly Girl seemed to have thought when she took over one of my sister's books recently. Cats are such funny creatures. I don't particularly think that books make good pillows, but today I did enjoy a bit of rainy weather which happened to be the perfect weather to snuggle up and read a book.

Lately I have been reading multiple books at one time. Some people can't imagine doing such a thing while others tend to always be reading more then one book at a time. I think I tend to read multiple books at once most of the time. I am currently reading the Bible (Old Testament), an autobiography, a book of children's fiction, and I've just begun The Pocket Scavenger  by Kari Smith. I plan to write an in depth post about the autobiography and fiction book once I am done reading them. In regards to the book by Kari Smith, it is wonderful so far! It is an "interactive" book that takes you on a scavenger hunt adventure. The book also has a technique to randomly choose built in prompts to edit your scavenger find in some interesting way as you document it in the scavenger journal pages. The first item was stamps and the prompt I randomly had was to add string. I am very pleased with the book so far and hopefully I can share photos of some of my entries sometime soon!

Whether it has been the Bible, books of children's fiction, autobiographies, articles, or creative books, one of the wonderful aspects of this summer has been the allowance of time to read more. I still haven't read as much as I would have liked, but I definitely read more over the summer than during the past school semesters. However, one of my goals this coming semester is to read at least one book a month that is not a part of my coursework. I also want to work hard to take little moments to write things other than papers. One beneficial aspect of this semester is that I will be taking a creative writing class! By taking this class I believe it will help me remember to take time for creative endeavors along side my other courses.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoy reading and I am thankful for this rainy afternoon we had and the bit of reading I was able to experience as the rain dripped down.

Thoughts to ponder-

What is the best weather for reading?
Do you tend to strictly read one book at a time or multiple books at once?


Monday, August 12, 2013

Window gazing...

Daydream of Country Drives

Recently I enjoyed riding with my family on a short country drive. I sat in the backseat and window gazed. There was brown grass, green grass, wild plants, cattle, and rolling hills with trees. There were man-made fences, houses here and there, and road that flowed on and on like a frozen stream. I couldn't help imagining how beautiful the trees would be come autumn time. Yes, it was a pleasant window gazing drive.

On this Magnificent Monday  I was daydreaming about that drive a little and tonight an idea for a picture creation came to me. Thus, the above picture was born and inspired by daydreams of country drives.

Sometimes in life it is nice to go on a drive and enjoy a different scenery. It can be grand to sit in the back seat with your camera at hand ready to capture little glimpses of the scenes flying by your window. Yes, sometimes it is just nice to go on a drive.

I will continue to daydream of window gazing. Some days my daydreams may be about Texas country side, county fields, or other days it might be of Alaskan tree-lines and mountain peeks. Whatever the daydreams may be it is nice to daydream a little about beautiful scenery and remember the first time an aspect of those places took my breath away.

May your Mondays be Magnificent! 

Thoughts to ponder-

When was the last time you window gazed?
What scenery do you daydream of?


Friday, August 9, 2013

A week with this handsome guy...

Murphy makes me smile...

Murphy and I






I spent a week with a handsome guy named Murphy. Well, actually, he is a handsome dog. He is also one of the sweetest dogs I know. This was actually my second time to pet-sit him. The only difference was that last summer I took care of Murphy and another little dog, but this summer I just had Murphy while his owners were away on vacation.

While I was away I lacked my normal access to upload and process my photos. So, I couldn't post photos of this handsome pup until I was back home. (Now you get a Murphy photo overload. But, he is cute so that is okay, right?) Along with the photos I thought it would be fun to post a top five fact list about Mr. Murphy.

1. Murphy is a huge dog. This should come as no surprise since he is a Mastiff after all. But, upon returning home my medium size dog seems so tiny, especially her head seems tiny. Even though Murphy is huge over all he is a gentle giant. The only times he is not gentle is if his people or his yard/house are threatened or if he is too excited sometimes he doesn't know his own strength when he paws at you.

2. Murphy LOVES belly rubs! He will roll over as soon as you get close to him so that you can rub his belly.

3. Murphy can be a bit stubborn, but I have come to find that is true of most pets.

4. Murphy can make very funny faces when he squishes his cheeks against the floor or rests his head in funny ways.

5. And, last, but not least, Murphy has incredible brown eyes. His eyes are especially incredible when they are in the sunlight.

I hope you enjoyed seeing photos of Murphy! Now that I am back home I look forward to regular blogging once again.

Thoughts to ponder-

What do you think of Murphy?
Have you ever pet-sitted?


Monday, August 5, 2013

Visiting Murphy...


Murphy eyes.

I am currently away taking care of one of my very favorite dogs named Murphy. (The photos above are actually from when I took care of him last summer.)

My reason for being quiet here on the blog lately is because I am spending lots of time with that handsome Mastiff and I do not have a way to process my photos right now. I have to say that if there were ever a good reason to be quieter on the blog it is to be spending time with the sweetest brown eyed Mastiff. I will be back to blogging come Friday though and promise to share some recent photos of the handsome pup.

He is truly the sweetest dog!

And, here is a glimpse of what else I will blog about soon...

Photos of Murphy (as mentioned),
A yummy vegetarian recipe,
A impromptu photo session my sister and I had,
Post about college,
Crochet project post,
A bookish post,
And possibly a health update.

Thoughts to ponder-

Do you know any super sweet dogs?
If you too are a blogger, what are some posts you hope to publish soon?