Friday, December 28, 2012

When songs inspire photos...

July and June

I have so many post ideas swirling about in my mind. Yet, tonight, tonight I want to simply listen to some music, snuggle with my cat, fill a paper journal with thoughts and glide ink words across the lines to document memories.

I was recently inspired to photograph things based on song lyrics that have inspired or spoken to me. The first time I heard those lines from the song July and June I smiled. Those lyrics create a vivid picture within my mind. So, I decided to sit outside for a bit one day and photograph our telephone wire. I thought about all the words it has carried all these years. I imagined all the words spilling out, but I would only get the lovely ones. I could scoop them up and create a collage on a giant canvas with the.

Today, I hope you enjoy this photo and the lyrics that inspired me. There may even be more song-lyric inspired photos soon.

I'm off to enjoy my Juni cat and pick up my pen.

Happy Friday to you!


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