Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two red hats and two red coats...

It is a funny thing when watching a movie you suddenly see a very similar version of one of your favorite outfits being worn.

Well, that was indeed a reality for me today.

The movie was called Love Surreal. It was free on Hulu, so, I watched it while resting this afternoon. As I was watching it I smiled when I saw the main character wear a coat and hat VERY similar to my favorite coat and hat. Last year (about this same time of year in fact) I had pictures taken in the red hat and coat. I wear that faithful duo often. The similarity to the outfit in the movie made me laugh so much that I decided a collage was positively necessary.

There were some similarities to the character beyond the hat and coat. Though, don't worry, I'm thankfully not a college student who has an imaginary friend/boyfriend. And, I have wonderful parents that don't decorate their future tombstones every holiday. (Those things probably won't make much sense if you've never seen the movie.)

I've had a good laugh and a good bit of fun with this movie outfit discovery.
I hope maybe someone else also smiles after reading this little post. 

 Happy weekend to you!


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