Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The snow-globe quartet...

Far away in Alaska my siblings and I have a kind Aunt and Uncle that always bless us with cards on our birthdays and Christmas cards, money, and ornaments each year. This year my Aunt and Uncle sent two Christmas packages to my family.

They arrived this week! In one package there were little snow-globes that can glow with different color light sequences when you flip a switch. They make my siblings and I smile. We each took time to choose a name for our little snow-globes.

I thought I would photograph them and document them on here. Maybe they will make you smile a little too!

Now, I happily introduce the snow-globe quartet!

This is Eragon. He is owned by J and wears a rather dashing top-hat.



This is Santa. Micah chose that name, because he is, well, Santa! Santa is looking quite jolly in his outfit and sleigh.



This is Ruby. She is the only gal in the bunch and wears a lovely red hat upon her snowy head. Dana is quite pleased to have her about.



Last, but not least, is Feivel. He is a bit shy and timid, but very joyful! He likes to make people smile with his colorful hat and the star upon his chest. I'm very fond of him and enjoy his quiet company as he sits nearby.



There you have them! You've met each of them and I imagine you now understand why they make us smile.

I'm thinking we may need to start a tradition with these little snow-globes.
Maybe we'll set up some sort of creative photo session with them each year. We'll see.

Speaking of traditions, what are some of your favorite traditions?
I encourage you to take a little time today to reflect on pleasant memories from those traditions.


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