Monday, December 24, 2012

Gifts from the fellow...

Luke is sweet. It is true. Very true.

Yesterday I was blessed so very, very  much!
It began with a wonderful time in Biblical community. I was able to share a Christmas spoken word as a part of the service. I wrote it last year and shared it last year too. But, as my sweet friend Sara Beth once said, spoken words can be shared more than once. After all, a singer doesn't have to write a new song for every time they sing. It is such a blessing to be able to share and be able to worship in community.

After the morning Luke took me out to lunch. We went and enjoyed some yummy Italian food. It was nice. After lunch we went off to run a few errands and then for a bit of ice-cream. While at the ice-cream place we exchanged gifts. I gave him a photobook I had created online and then ordered a copy of. It was filled with photos from this year and poems that I wrote just for him about the pictures and memories. Then, Luke blessed me with more than I ever expected.

He gave me a gift set of sweat pea scented goodies. I normally don't like floral scents very much, but this one smells amazing! In fact, I'm wearing it as I type this very post.

Sweat Pea

He also gave me a journal and little pen. It made me smile because he actually picked out a journal that is the same as the one I've been writing in since July. But, that actually made me really excited! It means that I can have a sort of first and second edition, like a little journal duo!

Notebook 2

Notebooks 1 and 2

Lastly, but the most overwhelming, Luke gave me a note and a CD. The note was wonderful. It blessed my heart. And, the CD! Wow. Luke and I have written multiple songs together over this past year. It is one of the things that we enjoy doing together. So, for a gift for me Luke took the time to record his guitar instrumentals of two of the songs we've made together. But, he also recorded himself playing the melodies that I normally sing for the songs too! The other two tracks on the CD are instrumentals that he has made on his own. One he wrote and played on the Ukulele for me for our 6 month and the other was one I hadn't heard yet. It was a beautiful song which he named Daisy after my favorite flower. Luke also took time to be creative and make artwork for the case and CD. Goodness, I can't fully express how wonderful this gift is.

Daisy cover

Daisy disk

This fellow of mine blessed me with quality time, delicious food, quality time with his family, gifts I can hold in my hands, words that I can cherish, and music that I can listen to. I'm so very blessed.

His family also gave me a beautiful scarf which I will be wearing tonight to a family gathering.

Goodness, I'm so overwhelmed and I'm not even done celebrating with loved ones yet.

God is so very good. He has been faithful to me amidst the terrible health times, the tears, and fears. And, He is faithful to me now amidst this beautiful season of life and joy.

A very merry Christmas Eve  to you!


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