Thursday, November 29, 2012

The best memories...

The Best Memories

Hello everyone!

Goodness, did I really miss another Magnificent Monday post? Yes, I did.
I miss being able to post more regularly. I have pictures and post ideas just waiting to be shared, but I lack the time right now to put them together.

I'm officially in the final stretch of my first semester of college. And, I'll be honest, I am tired. I'm emotionally, physically, and mentally tired. This week has been overwhelming. For many reasons. But, I'm simply going to state that it has been overwhelming and draining. Yet, God is still faithful. He is faithful amidst my weariness.

I'm so thankful for the life memories that I have made and the memories that I continue to make. The best memories aren't of times spent off on my own being independent. Instead, the best memories are of times spent with those that I love amidst walking through life together.

So, today I want to share with you some special memories that I made with  my youngest brother this past weekend.

J and I have begun a tradition. We buy a foam craft kit and once Thanksgiving has come and gone we build the kit together. It is great fun and a wonderful way to spend quality time together. I love my little brother so very much and I'm thankful that we can have fun and be silly together.





The last picture makes me smile. He insisted that we take a silly photo. After the camera went off I showed him the picture and he laughed when he saw that I put the penguin on my head. He told me, "You're silly, Sarah." I love him and I'm thankful that I can make him smile.

What memories are you making with those you love?



  1. i love the houses!!
    thinking of you as you finish the semester. :)

  2. Love the last picture! Take the time now, he's growing up fast (I say this to myself a lot lately :)) Luv, Mom


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