Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seasons' Greetings: November...

Seasons' Greatings

Seasons’ Greetings- A whimsical series of letters to the calendar months. 

November 1st, 2012
Dear November,

Here you are. You've arrived. The tree and grass aren't really looking like autumn yet. Do you think you could help bring the autumn colors now that you're here? It would be rather grand.

November, I've decided that you will be a month of thanksgiving. Not just a month in which Thanksgiving is one day with a capital "T", but instead a month full of thanksgiving. I've decided to partake in the November Joy Dare. To take time to list thankfulness daily and document it here on this blog. Yes, November, by the end of your stay I plan to have a glorious list of thankfulness.

November, you will be keeping me busy. Busy with school, working for sweet families from time to time, and the other odds and ends of life. I'm looking forward to sweet family time, the birthday of a beloved brother, and many memory making moments.

You certainly know how to bring about a busy first weekend of your stay! If all goes as planned tomorrow I'll be off to a group project at school and then to work. Saturday will be filled with time with Luke and working once again. Then Sunday will be a time of baptism and celebration for the joy of salvation!

I'm glad that you are here, November. Really and truly, I'm glad.

May your stay be a time of thankfulness, thoughtfulness, and creative joys.

Joy Dare Day 1:

-3 Gifts Eaten-

1. Teddy Grahams that Momma sweetly bought for me.
2. Milk- white and lovely.
3. And the VERY delicious bagel I enjoyed yesterday after arriving home from the lab.


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