Friday, November 30, 2012

Seasons' Goodbyes: November...

Dear November

Seasons' Goodbyes- A whimsical time of letters to reflect back on the past month.

Dear November,

This is goodbye for this year.
You've been a nice month. Filled with grand things and some hard things.
I'm thankful for the autumn colors you brought my way.
I'm thankful.

December is on its way. Bringing finals and the start of winter break.

I'll miss you with your warm colors. I so enjoy the crunch of leaves on the ground and jumping into the giant leaf pile the other night when Luke brought me home. Because, after all, leaf piles are meant to jump in.

During your stay I've made memories with loved ones, finished my Christmas shopping, received hat requests, and enjoyed fun creative times. You've been a nice month. 

Well, November, I'm off to sleep.
When I awake December will have arrived.

Goodbye, November. Goodnight.


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  1. Sarah, this is such a great letter! Definitely inspired me to think of what November left behind.


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