Saturday, November 24, 2012

Noticing the heart...

Hidden heart...

Can you see the heart in the picture?

I took that photo. Yet, even though I took the photo I did not notice the heart until my little brother pointed it out to me.

This autumn break has been good for my heart. It has been good to spend time with family. My family and I took time to sit together in the living room last night and share about things that we're thankful for this year. It was wonderful for all six of us to be together for that long. It was wonderful to share, to laugh, to cry, and be together in that moment.

As I shared what I'm thankful for I realized once again how much has changed this year for me. It has been a year of major change and transition. My health has been the best since I first began having health issues. I completed my GED, graduated with friends, and began college all since January. Luke and I began the new season of our relationship.
(The start of our story can be read here.) I've grown and learned so much from him and our relationship. I'm so thankful for my family this year too. There are many more aspects to this year that I could write about, but all in all, I'm simply thankful. 

During this break I've spent time with people I love. During the break I've made memories.Yet, most importantly, during this break Daddy God has been working on my heart. He has been pointing it out to me. Much like my experience with the photo above I've been overlooking my heart lately. I've been rushing through life, school, and the daily routine without taking time to look at my heart. And, now that I'm looking, it isn't all pretty. Some of it needs cleaning up. Daddy God has been showing me a few things.
Being sick with strep and then having Thanksgiving break has given me the opportunity to slow down and for Him to show me things that I was overlooking.

Monday I head back to school and enter back into a busy routine. I'll begin the last stretch of this semester. I'll be honest, it is going to be very busy with all the final projects, tests, and assignments. Yet, I don't want to stop listening, noticing, or growing. I want to finish this semester well and allow Daddy God to faithfully work on my heart.

I wrote a song tonight. Well, the lyrics and general melody at least. Maybe someday I can share it with you. It is about the heart- My heart and my need for Jesus.

Thanksgiving has been such a blessing.
I played with little children, visited with family, and loved on my Mema.
I'll have to share a story about my Mema sometime soon.
I gave thanks, made memories, and enjoyed my precious family.
All in all, it was very blessed.

I have many things that I'm looking forward to sharing on the blog soon!
And, I'm looking forward to posting more regularly once winter break is here. But, most of all, I'm looking forward to God's continued grace and spending time loving others.

What do you need to slow down and notice?


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