Thursday, November 1, 2012

(Belated) Seasons' Goodbyes: October...

Sunflower Goodbye

Seasons' Goodbyes- A whimsical time of letters to reflect back on the past month.

October 31st, 2012
Dear October,

If I were to sum you up in one word it would be evaluation.
I've spent the majority of your visit evaluating. I realize this isn't all that uncommon for a college student.
After all, this year has brought so much newness. The newness of my relationship with Luke, the newness of the best health since before these health issues began, the newness of GED prep and completion, of graduation, and now the newness of college.
I've spent so much time evaluating. Honestly, I'm thankful for it and the challenging lessons I've had to learn through it, but I'm ready for November to be a new month. I'm ready for a month of thanksgiving now. 

While you were here I hit my mid-semester wall.Thankfully, I also overcame that mid-semester wall and pushed through. Now I'm on my way to being done with 3/4 of the semester.

While you were here my childhood best friend got married, my fellow ran a half marathon,  I spent some wonderful time with my Momma, and I found out that an essay I wrote will be in the school magazine.

My favorite blog post from the time you were here was the one I wrote on the characteristics of a daydreamer.

I'm glad for your visit. I'm glad that you've brought a time of learning, evaluating, and growing. I didn't expect some of the lessons, but they've been good.

Now you're off until next year and November has come with its own greeting.

Goodbye, October.


Please note: This post was meant to be posted yesterday. Unfortunately, on Tuesday night I accidentally drank tea with caffeine in it which meant a barely slept that night and then I had blood work done yesterday. All in all, that ended up creating a very exhausted Sarah. I had to skip math class and come home to sleep the night away. Thankfully, I can rest today too and get all caught up on sleep. Plus, I learned a lesson...when you're tired you should always listen to your friend when she notices that there is only one herbal tea at the counter. Never mind if you think the mango one is the one you usually get, only get the herbal one! I laugh at myself now. 

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