Friday, November 2, 2012

3 gifts worn...

Today is day two of this month of thankfulness and the November Joy Dare.

Today's prompt is... 3 Gifts Worn.

4. The tiny daisy necklace gracing my neck.
5. The glasses which help my eyes to focus.
6. My new happy toe-socks!

The happy toe socks1...


What are three gifts worn that you're thankful for today?



  1. Love that second photo! My three gifts worn today are my contacts so I can see, my skull and crossbones long johns that are keeping me warm, and a smile having a good day : )

    To answer your question, our puppy Ponyo's name came from one of our favorite Japanese animated movies....Ponyo is the sound something squishie makes when you squeeze it.....perfect for a soft teddy bear and vocal my family we all name our pets after character's from movies....

    1. Thank you! Those are a lovely three gifts. =)

      Oh! Thank you for answering my question. The details made me smile. And, that is such a fun tradition in your family! Thanks for taking time to share.


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