Monday, November 5, 2012

3 Gifts Acorn Small and Autumn Glimpses...

Hello, everyone!

I hope you have had a Magnificent Monday!
I have some happy autumn photos to share today and I hope they'll bring a smile to your face.





Autumn light...

Yesterday I enjoyed the glorious pleasure of being able to capture some of the first glimpses of autumn as well as play with a bit of fake autumn photo props that I purchased. It was splendid!

Yesterday and today I've been so very giddy about the glimpses of autumn's arrival. The trees are just beginning to change colors. The trees that change the fastest are gifting my eyes with lovely splashes of color amidst the green of the trees that have yet to change. It is such a beautiful transformation!

The prompt for today's November Joy Dare is...

3 Gifts Acorn-Small.

13. A busy bee.


14. Tiny little flowers that remind me of daisies.

Little flower....

15. A little red leaf amidst many green leaves.

Little red...autumn style...

Dear Daddy God,

Thank You for the first glimpses of the autumn color changes! Thank You for helping me to take deep breaths amidst times of frustration today. Thank You for the joy in the experience of watching a busy bee, enjoying a tiny group of flowers, and noticing a little red leaf. Thank You for craft store adventures. Thank You for Your goodness! Thank You for the thrill of looking at the world through a camera in order to capture little precious life moments. Amen. 

May your Mondays be Magnificent!



  1. I love all of the little things you are thankful for!! It does us so much good to focus on being thankful! :)

  2. Agreed! I enjoy seeing your thankfulness day after day and not just the more popular route of once a year around the end of November :). You remind me of the song "Count your many blessings". It does wonders to any day to sit and think on all the wonderful things Christ has done for me. I enjoy reading your posts, I'll try and check back now that I have the address.


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