Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend full of memories...

Hello everyone!

First of all, for those of you who are in the track of Sandy or know someone who is I'm praying for those affected by the storm!

Secondly, I was blessed with a wonderful weekend full of memory making times.
And, I have pictures to share!

I was blessed to go cheer Luke on as he approached the finish line for the half marathon on Saturday morning! I'm so proud of him for running the race!


(For the record, that picture is obviously not Luke. It was a cool picture that I ended up taking of a runner and her shadow.)

After the half marathon Momma and I went and got a quick bite to eat. We also went to quickly change out of "half-marathon-watching/cheering" clothes to "wedding-appropriate" clothes. We had an outfit quick change at Quick Trip.


Then my Momma and I headed to my childhood best friend's wedding. It was beautiful. I've known her most of my life and that day was the happiest I've ever seen her. She married a wonderful young man. I'm so very, very, very happy for her!

Rachel and Adam

Wedding bells...

After the wedding momma and I enjoyed some time together. She gave me a "little hat" that she found on the ground and we enjoyed wonderful talks. I'm so thankful for my sweet Momma and how close we are. I'm thankful that I can enjoy our relationship and cherish our times together.

Little hat...


This weekend was full of wonderful memory making times!

And, my Monday has had a bit of Magnificence too.
These sweet little daisies brought a smile to my face and magnificence to my Monday!

My dear friend Sara Beth texted me this picture today because she knew it would make me smile. Spontaneous "this made me think of you" texts are amazing.

I had a full Monday and presented my persuasive speech today. I have a feeling there will be a more in depth post on that speech later this week...

All in all, I arrived home ate dinner and I'm now about to head to bed.

I hope you're Monday has been Magnificent!

How was the weekend for you, friends?

As always, I hope your Monday has been magnificent!


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