Thursday, October 11, 2012


Has it really and truly been over a week since I last wrote upon these digital pages?

That is what the date tells me on the blog. Goodness.

I'm really and truly still here. Really. I simply have a very full schedule these days. Sometimes it takes creative organizing to spend time with people I love in real life much less visiting all of my friends here in the blog-sphere.

I still log on often. I've even begun to write a post many times. I've sat and looked at the blank screen only to realize how tired I am. I've sat and realized that I'm weary and lacking energy to write.

I'm tired.

Restful flowers

School is going well, but it is a busy time. Currently my grades are great and I enjoy each of my teachers. Yet, I lack energy for the creative beatings of my heart.

So, I savor little moments here and there. They are the moments before math class when I write poetry while sitting on a red chair. (I've written four or five there.) They are the moments that I take time to journal a page or two or three of thoughts and prayers. They are the moments I whisper thanks or remember to sing even just one song. They are the moments I buy flowers at the store to bring home and photograph. They are the moments like this one when I write and the moments that I put together creative gifts for others. They are the moments that I photograph the same flowers throughout the afternoon/evening in many ways.

Today I share pictures of creativity with you. I hope amidst the busy that you'll take time to be still and enjoy moments of creativity in your own life.

Enjoy these glimpses...

Be Still a moment

Red Rose...

Restful flowers1

Red rose....

Restful flowers2

Restful flowers and blue sky


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