Saturday, October 13, 2012

Speaking by giving…

Love in giving...

Lately I've realized more and more how much the act of giving gifts is a language of love for me. When I give a gift I've realized all the more that I put a great deal of thought into the gift. I've noticed that I'm constantly storing facts away in my brain in regards to relationships for future gift giving clues. Throughout daily conversation there are facts that can be stored up to use later to give a meaningful gift. The reference of a favorite color, knowing a persons dreams or hopes, or even knowing how much someone enjoys their favorite item of clothing are all clues that can be stored up. The clues can be the smallest things or something much larger, but each one creates the possibility of a creative and meaningful gift.

Gifts express love to me. When one of the little girls I watch drew me a purple picture of she and I together my heart melted. When my sister brought me home three daisies as a surprise I smiled so brightly. When my sweet friend Sara Beth brought me a note, earrings, and a sunflower my heart was full of thankfulness. When someone writes me a note of kindness I'm overwhelmed.

Gifts aren't just for special occasions or celebrations, they can be amidst the middle of a week or any other "ordinary" day. You see, gifts tell me that the giver was thinking about me. When a gift is thoughtful it means that time, love, and so on were put into it. When a gift is given with true love, I'm overwhelmed. The treasure of a gift is not in the cost. No, it is in the value of all the love, all the memories, and all the thoughtfulness that wrap around it like invisible ribbons. For example not a single other person may know how much value my little daisy necklace has. Not in monetary, but in true treasure. But, you see, every time I look at it or feel it about my neck I see and touch invisible ribbons of memories that are wrapped around the gift. The unseen ribbons are wrapped around so many little and bigger things around my room.

Gift giving can be a beautiful way to speak love to someone.

Does gift giving speak love to you?
Who could you show love to by giving a gift today?

Remember, the treasure is not the monetary worth, it is in the "I'm thinking of you when you're not around" and thoughtfulness of the giving.



  1. Oh, Sarah, you expressed my feelings perfectly!! I LOVE giving gifts and am always storing away bits of information, just like you said (though since CFS, I have to write everything down or I forget!). It's such a nice feeling to surprise someone with just the right gift to fit him or her. Nothing better!

    And you are also right about the small, thoughtful gifts of every day being so important. I had mentioned I liked the tiny Altoids yesterday, and my husband brought a small tin of them home for me today :) And he did the shopping I couldn't manage!

    A wonderful post!


    Live with CFS

  2. Very good post!
    BTW, I awarded you. :)


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