Monday, October 1, 2012

Seasons' Greetings: October...

Seasons' Greatings

Seasons’ Greetings- A whimsical series of letters to the calendar months.  

Hello everyone! A very Magnificent Monday to you! Today I'm writing another post in the series Seasons' Greetings. Are you glad that October has arrived?

May your Mondays be Magnificent!

Dear October

October 1st, 2012
Dear October,

Welcome, welcome. You've arrived.

You certainly know how to start the month off well in regards to the weather. It actually feels like autumn! It doesn't quite look like autumn yet, but that is okay. You can bring that when the time is right.

Today was a busy time of college work. I gave a speech and it went well. (Though, I did forget to show my last slide in the power point. Oh well!) In fact, the speech went so well that I felt like doing another "happy rainboot dance" to celebrate. I'll provide a picture for your amusement...


I also received the grade for my first college paper and it was great!

I communicated with someone dear to me and took steps to better communicate in the future. Relationships are learning experiences, October. They  really, really are. I'm learning on a whole new level how much the life of one person can affect another. Decisions and choices never simply impact oneself.

October, I'll be honest, I've been stressed. I allowed myself to focus too much on the stressful feelings and the busy things. I've allowed the stress, change, and busy times to draw me away from Daddy God instead of viewing them as reminders of how desperately I need Him. I'm daily in need of grace. Oh, October, how daily I'm in need of grace. I'm reminded of that again today.

My dear October, I hope that you will be a time of continued arrival of autumn. I hope while you're around that I'll bake chocolate pumpkin bars, attend the wedding of a beloved friend, cheer on runners in a half marathon, grow in grace, love well, learn diligently, and maybe even play in autumn leaves. There is a possibility that I may ride a ferris wheel at last, but we'll see if that works out. (If it does I'll be sure to write about it.) I also hope that while you're around I spend even more blessed time with my family.

I'm glad you're here, October. Yes, indeed I am. I look forward to your stay and writing you another letter (God willing) come this month's end.


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