Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Characteristics of a Daydreamer...

Hello everyone!

I'm sad that I didn't post yesterday But, I do hope your Monday was magnificent!
I honestly just had a hard time taking time to write a post yesterday. But, today I'm feeling very inspired and have a fun story post to share with you. I hope you enjoy it and the photography within it.

Characteristics of a Daydreamer 

A daydreamer. Yes, this is the story of a daydreamer. She has an imagination amidst the daily things of life. She is a writer of poetry, a daughter, and one who loves because she was first loved.

You can spot her often with a book in hand on adventures in a wordy land.

Daydreamer=book reader...

You can spot her with eyes turned to the sky and ears tuned-in to the bird songs.


Sometimes she imagines a giant flower garden when she jots down words onto a page...


Sometimes she holds pine-cones in her hands and imagines each one having a story...

Autumn within grasp...

Sometimes she has whimsical creative times to bring fairytale pictures to life.
She might recreate the scene of Little Red on her way to see her Grandmother...

LittleRedonher way...


Or, she could portray Snow White...


Snow and the apple...

She could imagine many a character and many a scene as she stands before the stone wall stage.

Yes, she is a daydreamer. But, she knows that there are times to be creative and play and times to focus on the practical things too.

She will continue to be creative even amidst the busy times of life.
She will take time to dream, to play, and time to write.

Do you daydream too?


P.S. My sweet brother helped take some of these pictures for me. Without his help, I wouldn't have had these great photos to edit. Thanks again, Micah. 


  1. Oh, yes, I'm very much a daydreamer too!

    How sweet that your brother helped you take these lovely pictures<3
    And I love those glittered pine cones.


    1. Nice to "meet" you, fellow daydreamer.

      Yes, he is very sweet.
      Thank you!

  2. lovely photos.


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