Thursday, September 6, 2012




My little brother took the above photo and I edited it tonight. He took it one day last week when I placed the camera in his hands and let him capture glimpses of an afternoon. 

Today I was thinking about treasure. In life the physical "treasures" fade.
I have comfy sweaters that I enjoy snuggling in, books that bless me with their words, and objects that are wrapped in memories like presents wrapped in ribbons. Many mornings I put on a daisy necklace that Luke gave me for my birthday. But, those objects fade. Sweaters become worn, book pages fade, and the little objects wrapped in memories won't last forever. 

Yet, the things that are eternal are the true treasures. The blessing of sharing the joy of Christ is eternal. The impact that my life has amidst this world is eternal. To love others is a treasure. To love. 

This week I'm treasuring those moments. I'm treasuring the times of sharing, encouraging, and speaking truth in love. I'm treasuring the moments spent with family and friends.  I treasure the love, the life, and above all the hope and joy. I treasure.

The blossoms were a momentary treasure within my hands last week. And, the objects in my life are much the same. They are momentary aspects of life that may be enjoyed, but ultimately they fade and pass away. 

My prayer is that God will continue to change my heart to treasure even more the true things above those that are fading.



  1. A cute photo & a lovely post! God's love is the greatest blessing of them all! Thank you for the beautiful reminder! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah!
      Yes, His love truly is.


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