Saturday, September 1, 2012

Seasons' Greetings: September...

Seasons' Greatings

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Today I'm excited to introduce you to a new series!

Seasons’ Greetings- A whimsical series of letters to the calendar months. 

This is the start to my Seasons’ Greetings series. I plan to write a letter to each month at the start of the month and in a similar series on the last day of each month I will bid it goodbye whilst reflecting back on the memories of the time. I hope you’ll enjoy reading along.

September 1st, 2012
Dear September,

September, September,
You’ve arrived.
If things unfold as planned you'll be filled with much studying, times on campus, cups of tea, early mornings, and the first glimpses of autumn. There is quite a lot of green around at the moment. Flowers are blooming once again, but I’m dreaming that maybe you’ll bring more traces of autumn our way. You know that autumn is my favorite with all of its sweater wearing, baked good making, and snuggling under the warmth of blankets to be enjoyed. I’m looking forward to the first freeze and dreaming that it may happen at the end of your lovely self. (But, it sadly may not occur until October comes. I promise not to hold that against you.)

September, amidst all the busy you bring, I want to find time to dance.
That may sound funny, but I haven’t danced in a long while.
I’ve made many special memories dancing this year and hope to make some more. There was the time that I danced all alone in the early morning sun, the times that I’ve spun around while enjoying songs like Old Pine and Bloom. I’ve danced with my Daddy on my graduation day. And, I've cherished memory making moments with that fellow Luke. (The fellow who once never danced.) We've danced at prom and on our graduation day. We danced right before this new year began. I enjoy dancing with Luke. I'm blessed every time he asks me to.

Yes, dear September, I think I’ll be taking time to dance.

September, I also hope to take time to ride a ferris wheel. That may sound rather silly, but it is true. And, you happen to provide a prime opportunity to do so. We’ll see if I can swing it cost wise, but I do hope to accomplish that adventure before you’ve gone away.   

And, September, you may bring whatever coolness you can. I’ll continue to study and rejoice in each day and the relationships that God grants. He is so good.

Until I bid you goodbye in 29 days, be a good season while I study, live, love, share, and grow. (And, hopefully dance, ride a ferris wheel, and learn much in my studies.) But, most of all, I desire to share truth in love day by day.  


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