Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I took that photo a few weeks ago. Every time I look at it I relax a little. My muscles ease, a thoughful smile graces my face, and I take a few deep breaths. That picture is like a little glimpse, a little moment, a little breath of fresh air. I can imagine myself sitting within a lush moment of God's green creation.

Life is very full right now. My schedule is the busiest it has ever been since my health issues first began. And, I'm amazed to say that my body is doing well over all. I've had some Fibro pain and there have been days I've come home and crashed for a deep three hour nap of exhaustion. But, all in all, my body is doing well.

Yet, I still need to take those moments of stillness. Those moments that I slip away into places like that picture. Moments of quiet, breathing, praying, listening, reading, and as I warm my body with tea allowing Christ to warm my heart with truth and the reality of grace.

Sometimes, I simply need to slip away into those glimpsing places. The glimpsing places allow the quiet and stillness to be an environment that He helps me glimpse truth. He helps me little by little glimpse things in my heart that are a mess and asks me to surrender them. Those places help me glimpse better ways to show His love to those around me. He helps me glimpse. When I am still amidst those moments He grows me and guides me.

So, I take little moments to slip away into the glimpsing places. And, I look at this picture as a reminder of how needed it is to be still and slip away, even if it is for five minutes.

Is there a glimpsing place you take time to go to?


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