Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 months and handmade clouds...

Today marks 8 months of courtship for Luke and I. (You may read the start of our courtship story told in poetry form here.)

We didn't purposefully plan to spend time together today because it was the day of officially being together 8 months. It just worked out that way with our schedules. It was a blessing.

We enjoyed time at the park with my littlest brother, time together, and good conversation. I'm very thankful for him and for our time together today.

Today I wanted to share a little of our adventure today. So, I'll begin the story...

Once upon this past summer, Luke and I wrote a song about clouds.
It was a lovely little mini song that I have good memories writing with him. The song was fictional in the sense that it was about an imaginative time of watching clouds. (We hadn't ever sat and watched clouds together.)

This week Luke texted me to make plans for our time together this week. He had the idea to actually go cloud watching if the weather was nice. The idea placed a glorious smile on my face and I replied with an enthusiastic, "Yes!" (I really liked his idea and how it tied to something we wrote/did together. Thoughtful creativity is extremely meaningful to me.)

Today on my way home from History class I looked up at the sky and there weren't really any clouds. I was a bit sad, but suddenly I had an idea. In case there still weren't clouds this afternoon I would make some! Upon arriving home I worked on the cloud creation and sent a text to Luke that I had a surprise for him if there ended up not being any clouds in the sky.

When Luke arrived to pick me up there still weren't really any clouds in the sky so I brought out the surprise. Luke and I carried our clouds to a grassy area of the park and watched our "clouds" sway in the wind. It was splendid. So, I thought I would share about our creative cloud adventure.

We formed new memories in our minds today and had a blessed time.


Handmade clouds



P.S. Sometimes the best creativity comes out of plans not working out quite like you think they will.


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