Friday, September 14, 2012

$3 roses worth many more smiles...

Today I have jumped in a puddle, taken time to photograph, run errands, worked on home work, enjoyed the rain, and given thanks for so many little things.

Lately, flowers have been on my mind. It began on Thursday morning when my Momma picked me up from school. We drove by a little green floral shop that had a chalkboard sign out front. "Mixed Daisies" was written prettily on the the chalkboard. I began wondering what their mixed daisy bouquets looked like. Which then caused me to think about fresh flowers and how lovely it would be to have some.

Then, today I was out and about running errands for the coming week. I looked at the flowers at Target, but they were more than I could spend and I didn't really like the mixtures of their bouquets. Later while out running errands I stopped by Wal-Mart and found a delightful surprise! There was an entire sea of roses amidst a large bin just waiting to be chosen and taken to their own little vase homes. And, bonus! It was $3 for four roses, which meant I could actually afford to get a few fresh flowers. I chose a lovely little cream bunch and went on my way. The roses may have only been $3, but they are worth many more smiles.

Sometimes it is just nice to have a bit of beautiful before you in the form of fresh flowers.

Those cream roses make me smile and I hope the pictures make you smile too!











  1. Beautiful! The second to last picture is my favorite. :)

    1. Thank you! I thought that one might be your favorite. =)
      I'm glad you like it.


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