Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seasons' Goodbyes: September...

I began two new "series" this month here on the blog. I've titled them Seasons' Greetings and Seasons' Goodbyes.

Seasons’ Greetings- A whimsical series of letters to the calendar months.

Seasons' Goodbyes- A whimsical time of letters to reflect back on the past month.

Each post in the first series is a letter to the month and my writings of hopes and anticipations at the start of it. Each post in the second series is to look back, reflect, and say goodbye to the month.

So, today I say goodbye to September...

September 30th, 2012

Dear September,

It is time to say goodbye. I've enjoyed the hint of autumn that you brought to me. I brought about autumn colors with a centerpiece during your stay and I've enjoyed a few days of cooler weather.

I did indeed find a few times to dance and sway around the house while you've visited me. I didn't dance with the fellow this month, but that's okay. Someday maybe there will be another opportunity. But, Luke and I have enjoyed some nice times at the park. We went on a picnic with two other dear friends, we've taken J to the park, and sat beneath our own handmade clouds for a time.  You brought about the official 8 months of our courtship and many good memories.

You've been a time of growing and adjusting to college. You've held challenges, but also incredible times.

September, I haven't been able to ride a ferris wheel yet. But, guess what? Yesterday I got to photograph one in the rain! Hooray, hooray! It was wonderful.

Ferris Wheel...

My dear September, I must bid you goodbye. But, I'm so very thankful for the many memory making times you held within your stay. Tomorrow I'll welcome October with a letter of greeting. Goodbye, September.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Blending beauty...


Hello everyone!

I hope you've had a Magnificent Monday!

Today I would like to share a few blended photos with you. Each of these were created by blending together separate photos. I feel like they are a bit symbolic. Currently amidst the college times I'm taking the practical, daily and more concrete things and blending them together with creativity. I don't have time to just be creative, but I also need to take little moments to blend the creativity with the daily practical aspects of life.

Yes, even tonight amidst the swirling numbers and math equations that twist about in my mind in a tiresome fashion I needed to take time for creativity. Amidst the busy times of college and the times that I'm physically tired I still take time to be creative.

I blend together the beautiful flowers with the concrete.
I hold a rose within my hand before a camera when not a single dab of make-up is upon my skin.
I mix together the lovely with the daily to make something unique.
I write colorful poetry amidst the white hallways.
I wear a vibrant red hat amidst the sea of students.
I worship and and desire to speak life giving words in a setting of harsh sounds and often destructive words.

Grace upon grace I remember and deep breaths of creativity I take in amidst the studying and times of college. I'm reminded of His love and how truly good He is daily. May my small creative moments be used for His glory and to bless others with encouragement and maybe a smile.

Cheerful imagination

Yes, grace upon grace I'm reminded of again.  

May your Mondays be Magnificent!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome, autumn...

Welcome Autumn

Autumn Table

Autumn dish


Today is the first official day of autumn! Hooray!

It most likely won't feel like autumn until next month around here, but I can celebrate the colors with this center piece I made today.

Happy first day of autumn, friends!

Are you happy for the new season arriving?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 months and handmade clouds...

Today marks 8 months of courtship for Luke and I. (You may read the start of our courtship story told in poetry form here.)

We didn't purposefully plan to spend time together today because it was the day of officially being together 8 months. It just worked out that way with our schedules. It was a blessing.

We enjoyed time at the park with my littlest brother, time together, and good conversation. I'm very thankful for him and for our time together today.

Today I wanted to share a little of our adventure today. So, I'll begin the story...

Once upon this past summer, Luke and I wrote a song about clouds.
It was a lovely little mini song that I have good memories writing with him. The song was fictional in the sense that it was about an imaginative time of watching clouds. (We hadn't ever sat and watched clouds together.)

This week Luke texted me to make plans for our time together this week. He had the idea to actually go cloud watching if the weather was nice. The idea placed a glorious smile on my face and I replied with an enthusiastic, "Yes!" (I really liked his idea and how it tied to something we wrote/did together. Thoughtful creativity is extremely meaningful to me.)

Today on my way home from History class I looked up at the sky and there weren't really any clouds. I was a bit sad, but suddenly I had an idea. In case there still weren't clouds this afternoon I would make some! Upon arriving home I worked on the cloud creation and sent a text to Luke that I had a surprise for him if there ended up not being any clouds in the sky.

When Luke arrived to pick me up there still weren't really any clouds in the sky so I brought out the surprise. Luke and I carried our clouds to a grassy area of the park and watched our "clouds" sway in the wind. It was splendid. So, I thought I would share about our creative cloud adventure.

We formed new memories in our minds today and had a blessed time.


Handmade clouds



P.S. Sometimes the best creativity comes out of plans not working out quite like you think they will.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top ten from my Monday...

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a truly Magnificent Monday!

I'm going to be honest, I'm tired. So, today's post will simply be ten magnificent things from my Monday.

1. It is magnificent to be home after being at school all day.
2. Celebrating my Daddy's birthday this week! (Happy birthday, Daddy!)
3. Making 80% on my math test! (Hooray!)
4. Warm sweaters. (I've really been having trouble with feeling cold lately. It's like my body can't regulate my temperature properly.)
5. Being creative during a break at school and sending Luke a bit of spontaneous "I'm thinking of you" creativity.
6. Water to drink.
7. My cream roses continuing to open.
8. Smiles.
9. Home-made pizza.
10. My incredible family. I love them so much.


What are some of the Magnificent aspects of your Monday, friends?

This week I hope to share:

-A photo set I'm really happy with.
-Pictures (and maybe video) of snails! It is much more lovely than it may sound, I promise.

May your Mondays be Magnificent!


Friday, September 14, 2012

$3 roses worth many more smiles...

Today I have jumped in a puddle, taken time to photograph, run errands, worked on home work, enjoyed the rain, and given thanks for so many little things.

Lately, flowers have been on my mind. It began on Thursday morning when my Momma picked me up from school. We drove by a little green floral shop that had a chalkboard sign out front. "Mixed Daisies" was written prettily on the the chalkboard. I began wondering what their mixed daisy bouquets looked like. Which then caused me to think about fresh flowers and how lovely it would be to have some.

Then, today I was out and about running errands for the coming week. I looked at the flowers at Target, but they were more than I could spend and I didn't really like the mixtures of their bouquets. Later while out running errands I stopped by Wal-Mart and found a delightful surprise! There was an entire sea of roses amidst a large bin just waiting to be chosen and taken to their own little vase homes. And, bonus! It was $3 for four roses, which meant I could actually afford to get a few fresh flowers. I chose a lovely little cream bunch and went on my way. The roses may have only been $3, but they are worth many more smiles.

Sometimes it is just nice to have a bit of beautiful before you in the form of fresh flowers.

Those cream roses make me smile and I hope the pictures make you smile too!










Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I took that photo a few weeks ago. Every time I look at it I relax a little. My muscles ease, a thoughful smile graces my face, and I take a few deep breaths. That picture is like a little glimpse, a little moment, a little breath of fresh air. I can imagine myself sitting within a lush moment of God's green creation.

Life is very full right now. My schedule is the busiest it has ever been since my health issues first began. And, I'm amazed to say that my body is doing well over all. I've had some Fibro pain and there have been days I've come home and crashed for a deep three hour nap of exhaustion. But, all in all, my body is doing well.

Yet, I still need to take those moments of stillness. Those moments that I slip away into places like that picture. Moments of quiet, breathing, praying, listening, reading, and as I warm my body with tea allowing Christ to warm my heart with truth and the reality of grace.

Sometimes, I simply need to slip away into those glimpsing places. The glimpsing places allow the quiet and stillness to be an environment that He helps me glimpse truth. He helps me little by little glimpse things in my heart that are a mess and asks me to surrender them. Those places help me glimpse better ways to show His love to those around me. He helps me glimpse. When I am still amidst those moments He grows me and guides me.

So, I take little moments to slip away into the glimpsing places. And, I look at this picture as a reminder of how needed it is to be still and slip away, even if it is for five minutes.

Is there a glimpsing place you take time to go to?


Sunday, September 9, 2012

A picnic and rest days...

Last night two splendid fellows put together a picnic for a double date. Sara Beth, Taylor, Luke, and I spent a lovely evening at a park. It was a time of tasty food, lovely weather, good company, a nice walk, and a bit of time at a bookstore.

I'm thankful that the four of us were able to take such a relaxing evening yesterday and bless one another during the time.

Autumn is drawing nearer with just a hint of what is to come. And, I treasure precious times together of memory making.

Today I'm taking a much needed day of rest. Daddy God was prompting my heart amidst the church service this morning to rest in Him. Today I'm doing just that.

I've sat beneath a blue sky and prayed prayers of trust, I've listened to the birds sing, filled my belly, slept to help my body be strengthened, and given thanks. God has been and continues to work on some heart things in me this week. It isn't easy, but it is good. By His grace I walk through these lessons of love. 

I hope that the weekend has been a blessed time of memory making and resting for you as well.


P.S. Photo credit goes to Taylor. Luke and I are in the upper right corner and Taylor and Sara Beth are in the bottom left corner.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012




My little brother took the above photo and I edited it tonight. He took it one day last week when I placed the camera in his hands and let him capture glimpses of an afternoon. 

Today I was thinking about treasure. In life the physical "treasures" fade.
I have comfy sweaters that I enjoy snuggling in, books that bless me with their words, and objects that are wrapped in memories like presents wrapped in ribbons. Many mornings I put on a daisy necklace that Luke gave me for my birthday. But, those objects fade. Sweaters become worn, book pages fade, and the little objects wrapped in memories won't last forever. 

Yet, the things that are eternal are the true treasures. The blessing of sharing the joy of Christ is eternal. The impact that my life has amidst this world is eternal. To love others is a treasure. To love. 

This week I'm treasuring those moments. I'm treasuring the times of sharing, encouraging, and speaking truth in love. I'm treasuring the moments spent with family and friends.  I treasure the love, the life, and above all the hope and joy. I treasure.

The blossoms were a momentary treasure within my hands last week. And, the objects in my life are much the same. They are momentary aspects of life that may be enjoyed, but ultimately they fade and pass away. 

My prayer is that God will continue to change my heart to treasure even more the true things above those that are fading.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Parade Rose and heart honest...

Hello, everyone.

I hope you're having a Magnificent Monday!

I'll be honest, my Monday has been difficult and emotional. I've been praying and processing through some things.

Yet, amidst it all there is still magnificence. I choose to see it. Really see it.

Magnificence from my Monday:

1. One of my "Parade roses" blooming.



2. Shopping for a dear friend's bridal shower gift.
3. A few happy finds while out shopping.
4. News that two wonderful people will be parents in less than a year.
5. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7-

"Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

God is good. I'm choosing to trust amidst all of my messy emotions. 

Tell me of the magnificence of your Monday? 


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Seasons' Greetings: September...

Seasons' Greatings

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Today I'm excited to introduce you to a new series!

Seasons’ Greetings- A whimsical series of letters to the calendar months. 

This is the start to my Seasons’ Greetings series. I plan to write a letter to each month at the start of the month and in a similar series on the last day of each month I will bid it goodbye whilst reflecting back on the memories of the time. I hope you’ll enjoy reading along.

September 1st, 2012
Dear September,

September, September,
You’ve arrived.
If things unfold as planned you'll be filled with much studying, times on campus, cups of tea, early mornings, and the first glimpses of autumn. There is quite a lot of green around at the moment. Flowers are blooming once again, but I’m dreaming that maybe you’ll bring more traces of autumn our way. You know that autumn is my favorite with all of its sweater wearing, baked good making, and snuggling under the warmth of blankets to be enjoyed. I’m looking forward to the first freeze and dreaming that it may happen at the end of your lovely self. (But, it sadly may not occur until October comes. I promise not to hold that against you.)

September, amidst all the busy you bring, I want to find time to dance.
That may sound funny, but I haven’t danced in a long while.
I’ve made many special memories dancing this year and hope to make some more. There was the time that I danced all alone in the early morning sun, the times that I’ve spun around while enjoying songs like Old Pine and Bloom. I’ve danced with my Daddy on my graduation day. And, I've cherished memory making moments with that fellow Luke. (The fellow who once never danced.) We've danced at prom and on our graduation day. We danced right before this new year began. I enjoy dancing with Luke. I'm blessed every time he asks me to.

Yes, dear September, I think I’ll be taking time to dance.

September, I also hope to take time to ride a ferris wheel. That may sound rather silly, but it is true. And, you happen to provide a prime opportunity to do so. We’ll see if I can swing it cost wise, but I do hope to accomplish that adventure before you’ve gone away.   

And, September, you may bring whatever coolness you can. I’ll continue to study and rejoice in each day and the relationships that God grants. He is so good.

Until I bid you goodbye in 29 days, be a good season while I study, live, love, share, and grow. (And, hopefully dance, ride a ferris wheel, and learn much in my studies.) But, most of all, I desire to share truth in love day by day.