Saturday, August 11, 2012

When words are shaped like love...


My heart aches for the aching of others that I deeply care for.

A great-grandmother passed away yesterday. There is rejoicing, yet there is also grief.
I never met her. I didn't know her smile. I don't have a heart full of memories of her.
Yet, I know those who loved her. I know those who are grieving.
I know those who have aching hearts even amidst joy of the reality of Heaven.

My heart aches for their heart aching.

After I spoke to the fellow that I care deeply for on the phone, after I said goodbye, I closed the phone and prayed. Then I stood and I prayed while I baked. I prayed while I stirred together oats, flour, apples, and spices. I prayed and my heart ached for the aching of another. I whispered prayers between singing lines of Great is Thy Faithfulness- the hymn that has been my heart song since yesterday morning.   

Will you join me in praying for Luke and his precious family?
They are all dear to me. And, there are aching hearts.
Please pray for the husband who said goodbye to his beloved wife.
I continue to whisper prayers.
The words pour out like the fluttering of paper hearts.

Paper hearts...

Each word is shaped like love.
But, instead of falling to the floor the words are heard.
And, God grants peace amidst grief.
He is amidst the aching.


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