Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer tea and poetry...

It is still summer time, but in just over three weeks I will begin college classes and have a very full schedule.

With the reality of school about to begin I'm trying to soak up the last few weeks of summer with my family and those that are near to my heart.

Today my Sissy and I went to a thrift store for a bit of shopping and sister time. I came across a lovely little tray for 50 cents while out and about. It had such a cheerful summer pattern!

And, earlier this week a lovely young woman named Stephani sent me a few little packs of tea through a mutual friend. It was so sweet of her to give me the tea!

Once I had arrived back home I suddenly realized that three of the tea packs and my favorite teacup would look lovely with the new tray. So, I cooked dinner and then went off to photograph a lovely summer tea time.

Summer Tea

Summer tea packs

Summer tray

A good accompaniment to summer tea is reading a bit of summer poetry.

Indigo Sky
Candace Pearson

Crickets write a summer night
with long, jazzy notes
scratched again indigo sky.
Their song slices through clouds,
seesaws off the rising moon,
bounces back from stars.

Loud, louder, loudest
still they play
until no one stays asleep.
Spider, fox, mouse and mole
crawl from their beds to listen
and watch fireflies light the show.
I hope you're having a lovely start to August.

Another bit of wonderful news before I go...

My amazing Momma is coming home! We get to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. Hooray!



  1. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I hope you enjoy the tea :) have a lovely day! Enjoy the weather :)


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