Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer bubbles...

Summer bubbles...

Bubbles can surprise you. Once when I was washing dishes a bright beautiful bubble came out of the soap bottle as I tried to pour soap into the sink. I always smile when I think of that little bubble. I smile as I think of how I paused amidst the practicality of the moment to watch that little orb gracefully ride the currents of air until it popped.

Bubbles can also be intentional.This summer bubbles have graced the air intentionally. I purchased three little soapy bottles, I've held little bubble sticks, and I've blown air through the form of my lips. I've specifically tried to make bubbles fly and float in the air around me. It has been splendid.

Though I am technically an adult there are some things that I don't think I want to ever "grow out" of. I never want to grow out of playing with bubbles, reading picture books, and finding interest in the little things.


Have you taken time to blow bubbles this summer?
What is one thing you hope to never "grow out" of?


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  1. That was awesome Sarah :) I am really happy you saved your "child" part! Lots of adults would not play with bubbles (which is pretty sad) I just hope to keep that part when I grow up, as you (: There is a quote I really love... "Creative adults are the child who survived"
    Have a lovely weekend! xo.


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