Friday, August 31, 2012

Little mushroom...



Sometimes there are wonderful little discoveries in life. Sometimes they come so unexpectedly and subtly that if you aren't careful you simply miss them. They cause the corners of your lips to lift with the lightness of joy.

The little mushroom I photographed was that sort of a pleasant surprise. Whilst out and about enjoying a bit of fresh air recently I discovered it peeking out amidst dead leaves. It was just waiting to have its picture taken. In all honesty, I accidentally stepped on another nearby mushroom. But, I'm so glad that I noticed this one and hadn't crushed it on accident too.

My schedule is so very full now that college has begun.

Yet, it is so important that I take time to be still. Take time to read scripture, rest, and pray. It is also important that I take time to notice, give thanks for, and document the little things. Amidst the times of busy and studying I still can take five minutes to photograph little blessings. Taking time to notice, document, and express thankfulness for things is something I will be continuing amidst this busy new season.

I give thanks today for a little mushroom and for moments of stillness.

What will you take time to document this weekend?


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