Friday, August 17, 2012

Cloudy time that turned out okay...


"Even on the cloudy days I choose to rejoice and give thanks for the little things.

For ice-cream cones,

Ice cream...

Cups of tea,
Hugs from my family,

Sister hug...

And singing lines of poetry.

For Winnie the Pooh making me smile,
And for the love of those near to my heart.


But most of all,
I give thanks for Jesus and the hope I have in him."

I jotted down those words yesterday morning. They were honest amidst cloudy times and some tears.

I try to be honest within the space of this blog.
Honest for my readers, yet also honest for myself for the someday that I'll look back on each post.

Yesterday was a very emotional day. I had a health situation that I had to get checked out by a doctor and have a test run. It could have been serious. There was family history and emotions connected. My Momma was amazing. She let me cry, hugged me, held my hand before the test, and was simply amazing.

And, it all turned out okay. In the span of one day we received the test result and I'm fine.
It wasn't serious. But, I didn't know that for sure until the test result was received.
When the possibility of a serious health issue comes up and you're waiting it can make the day seem very cloudy.

Yet, God is good. He brings peace amidst the cloudy and stormy times.
He comforts.
I rejoice in Jesus. I rejoice.
And, I'm very thankful that everything turned out okay.

Instead of pretending that nothing happened since it all turned out okay, I choose to write it down. I choose to remember, give thanks, and allow the time of yesterday to reminded how grateful I ought to be for each day. And, it reminds me of how very much I long to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ and how He has changed my life. Because, I'm so very saved by grace.  



  1. I can relate to this post... A dear friend of my family's had to wait for results of a biopsy this week. Thankfully, the results came back negative! Praise the Lord!!

    Of course, I am very happy to hear that you are okay as well! Yes, God is so good!!! He is right there with us, no matter what we face in life! :)

    1. I rejoice in the good news that your friend received! He is so very good.

      Thank you, Sarah. He showed me some areas of my heart through the time. He definitely is good. His grace amazes me. =)

      I hope you are having a blessed Monday!


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