Friday, August 31, 2012

Little mushroom...



Sometimes there are wonderful little discoveries in life. Sometimes they come so unexpectedly and subtly that if you aren't careful you simply miss them. They cause the corners of your lips to lift with the lightness of joy.

The little mushroom I photographed was that sort of a pleasant surprise. Whilst out and about enjoying a bit of fresh air recently I discovered it peeking out amidst dead leaves. It was just waiting to have its picture taken. In all honesty, I accidentally stepped on another nearby mushroom. But, I'm so glad that I noticed this one and hadn't crushed it on accident too.

My schedule is so very full now that college has begun.

Yet, it is so important that I take time to be still. Take time to read scripture, rest, and pray. It is also important that I take time to notice, give thanks for, and document the little things. Amidst the times of busy and studying I still can take five minutes to photograph little blessings. Taking time to notice, document, and express thankfulness for things is something I will be continuing amidst this busy new season.

I give thanks today for a little mushroom and for moments of stillness.

What will you take time to document this weekend?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

College adventure...

Book and I

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to have missed the Magnificent Monday  post yesterday. I hope that you had a very Magnificent Monday, friends!

But, you see, I began school on Monday. It was quite a grand adventure!

When I awoke early on Monday morning there was a part of me that was nervous. But, most of me was like Nemo from Finding Nemo. I felt like dancing around the kitchen and saying, "First day of school! First day of school!" (By the way, out of consideration to my slumbering family I simply whispered that quote.)

Momma took a very quick picture of me for my first day of school. It was sort of an amusing idea that I had before my first day of class. You see, I've been home educated up until this point. So, I've never had the typical "first day of school picture" taken until Monday. I smile thinking about it.

First day

Today I thought I would share a few things about my official beginning of college.

1. Even when you're tired and about to work on homework it is still good to take time to run outside and photograph a nearby butterfly.

Butterfly friend1

Butterfly friend2

2. Messy hair will happen in pictures and comfy sweaters are important when you have a 7:15am class.


3. College is an adventure. Which might  include almost getting off of an elevator onto an office floor (instead of a classroom floor) only to be saved from being utterly lost by a matter of fact staff member. And, it might  include later walking off of said elevator onto the correct floor only to turn to the right (which leads to a dead end). And, after having begun walking the wrong way suddenly hearing the staff member simply call out, "This way."

The adventure of college might  also include laughing at yourself with your family later over how funny a picture those scenarios made.


4. I'm excited to learn and so far I like each of my professors. They each seem passionate about teaching which makes me smile.


All in all, I'm excited for this adventure. There are challenging aspects and I don't think that it is all going to be easy. Not everything is pleasant. But, I'm looking forward to taking it one day at a time and giving thanks along the way.

How was your Monday?


Saturday, August 25, 2012

A new hat, dreams of fall, and adventure...

Lately I've had a feeling of a sense of newness and that I am on the brink of adventure.

There is the newness in the hat I made recently. (I also plan to make one in green as soon as possible!)

New hat

We had one day recently which granted us a taste of autumn weather and the new season that is on its way. It was glorious! Now with that taste of what is to come I'm cheerfully awaiting autumn's official arrival.

Beauty Tree2
(A picture that I took of autumn last year. The thought of Lord willing seeing the leaves changing in the coming months makes me smile.)

Lastly, there is adventure in which I'm on the brink of. I begin college on Monday. I've attended orientation, purchased supplies, filled my backpack with most of what is needed, and it is coming. Life is about to change. I've said that aloud so much this week. It is true.

College will bring changes. My schedule will look very different, I'll be in a new environment, and I'll be challenged in new ways. The amount of time I see my family will be different. Luke and I are having to be even more purposeful in planning times amidst our two busy schedules to have quality time. And, this is a new adventure.

I am excited though. I'm excited to begin, to learn, to grow, and to take the first steps in this new adventure.

I want to be honest with all of you lovely readers and say I'm not sure what this blog will look like for sure this next month. I do plan to blog, I plan to continue typing out memories into this digital space, and I do hope to bring a few smiles to your face. But, I don't know how often I will be able to blog, what the general pattern will be, and such. Maybe that is okay though. I'll be living each day that I'm blessed with and sharing as I have time.

This is a new adventure. I hope you'll read along as I write.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arm Party link up...

I recently had the honor to participate in the first ever Arm Party friendship bracelet exchange.

The fun event was hosted by Ilene and Leanora.
They matched up each participating blogger with another blogger to exchange bracelets with.

I was matched up with Stephanie. She blogs at Sand and Starfish if you would like to check out her blog! She has a wonderful beach-y theme and has sweet Mommy blog posts as well as updates on her handcrafted business. 

I sent off a bit of lovely crafted goodies to her and she sent two of her new wrist cuffs to me. (She hopes to sell them in her shop sometime.)

Want to see?




I must admit, that I was a bit unsure about these cuffs when they came in the mail. I have small hands and wrists, so cuffs, bangles, or any bulky bracelets aren't something I like to wear. But, I was pleasantly surprised that one of the cuffs went splendidly with the dress my Momma wore in the 80s that is now mine. The color and floral theme was a nice blend.

The cuffs are each an eclectic mix of fabrics, which I enjoy because it reminds me of how God can take an eclectic mix of people and bring them together into something beautiful. 

I'm glad that I was able to participate and I hope that Stephanie enjoys the bracelets I made for her.

Now I'm off to browse the link-up party and see what fun other bloggers had with this swap!


P.S. As I was playing with style ideas for the cuffs I had the idea that taking three of Stephanie's cuffs and snapping them together would make a very fun headband! If I had three I totally would have tried it out. It would be multifunctional as cuffs and a headband that way.

Monday, August 20, 2012

When life gives you lemon dishes...

When life gives you lemon themed dishes, what do you do?

Lemon glass up close

Lemon Bowl

Use them to celebrate a Monday...

Smile a little smile

Fill them with ice-cream...


Fill them with water and a happy straw...

Lemon glass

And, listen to a new-to-you song that impacts your heart...

May your Mondays be Magnificent! 

What is one aspect of your Monday that has been Magnificent?

Magnificence from my Monday-

Lemon dishes,
A happy straw,
Reading the English translation of the book Minnie by Annie M.G. Schmidt,
Listening to that song and being impacted by these lyrics-

"All the things I pursue,
Well, they stay for a season
But everything moves
Everything moves, oh
My towers fall
But You aren’t leaving me
Everything moves but You"

Most of all, the reality of Hebrews13:8.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Cloudy time that turned out okay...


"Even on the cloudy days I choose to rejoice and give thanks for the little things.

For ice-cream cones,

Ice cream...

Cups of tea,
Hugs from my family,

Sister hug...

And singing lines of poetry.

For Winnie the Pooh making me smile,
And for the love of those near to my heart.


But most of all,
I give thanks for Jesus and the hope I have in him."

I jotted down those words yesterday morning. They were honest amidst cloudy times and some tears.

I try to be honest within the space of this blog.
Honest for my readers, yet also honest for myself for the someday that I'll look back on each post.

Yesterday was a very emotional day. I had a health situation that I had to get checked out by a doctor and have a test run. It could have been serious. There was family history and emotions connected. My Momma was amazing. She let me cry, hugged me, held my hand before the test, and was simply amazing.

And, it all turned out okay. In the span of one day we received the test result and I'm fine.
It wasn't serious. But, I didn't know that for sure until the test result was received.
When the possibility of a serious health issue comes up and you're waiting it can make the day seem very cloudy.

Yet, God is good. He brings peace amidst the cloudy and stormy times.
He comforts.
I rejoice in Jesus. I rejoice.
And, I'm very thankful that everything turned out okay.

Instead of pretending that nothing happened since it all turned out okay, I choose to write it down. I choose to remember, give thanks, and allow the time of yesterday to reminded how grateful I ought to be for each day. And, it reminds me of how very much I long to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ and how He has changed my life. Because, I'm so very saved by grace.  


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy birthday to...


Today is my beautiful Sissy's birthday!

The morning started off with...
Sharing lovely front porch conversations and loving hugs...
Holding a cup of mint tea while she held an ice-cream cone...
Listening to bells chime, rain dripping on the trees, and sister laughs.

I'm looking forward to taking even more time to show her how much I love her and how thankful I am that she is my Sissy.

I love her so very much.

Happy birthday, beautiful!

I'm fairly sure that we'll have some splendid pictures to share tomorrow. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Take time to dance and...

Dance and socks

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a Magnificent Monday!

My Monday has been spent resting and recovering after a bad Fibromyalgia flare-up last night. I don't fully understand why, but when storms come I always have Fibro pain. That was the case last night.

But, thankfully it passed and today I've simply had to recover from the soreness and feeling a bit worn.

This weekend was a very blessed time though!

On this Magnificent Monday  and as autumn is approaching I hope you take time to dance and wear happy socks.

This week I'm looking forward to...

Celebrating my beautiful Sissy's birthday,
Enjoying reading,
Encouraging others,
And, learning.

This week I hope to share...

A muffin recipe,
A new hat (hooray!),
And, a possible new post series.

What are you looking forward to this week?  


Saturday, August 11, 2012

When words are shaped like love...


My heart aches for the aching of others that I deeply care for.

A great-grandmother passed away yesterday. There is rejoicing, yet there is also grief.
I never met her. I didn't know her smile. I don't have a heart full of memories of her.
Yet, I know those who loved her. I know those who are grieving.
I know those who have aching hearts even amidst joy of the reality of Heaven.

My heart aches for their heart aching.

After I spoke to the fellow that I care deeply for on the phone, after I said goodbye, I closed the phone and prayed. Then I stood and I prayed while I baked. I prayed while I stirred together oats, flour, apples, and spices. I prayed and my heart ached for the aching of another. I whispered prayers between singing lines of Great is Thy Faithfulness- the hymn that has been my heart song since yesterday morning.   

Will you join me in praying for Luke and his precious family?
They are all dear to me. And, there are aching hearts.
Please pray for the husband who said goodbye to his beloved wife.
I continue to whisper prayers.
The words pour out like the fluttering of paper hearts.

Paper hearts...

Each word is shaped like love.
But, instead of falling to the floor the words are heard.
And, God grants peace amidst grief.
He is amidst the aching.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Beauty sky...

Hello everyone!

I hope you've had a Magnificent Monday!

I'm admittedly tired and worn.

But, there has been magnificence to this Monday. With just a few hours left in the day I still wanted to take the time to share with you one beauty frame that captured magnificence today.

The beauty sky...

Beauty sky

At VBS tonight the children sang Beautiful Things and I stepped outside right after that to witness that painted sky.

God is the ultimate artist. He truly is.
All that I did was stop, take a deep breathe, pull the camera to my face, and click the button a single time.
He amazes me.

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God,
the sky above proclaims His handiwork.

May your Mondays be Magnificent!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

A welcome home...

My beautiful Momma has arrived back home. I'm so thankful that she is back.
(I love you, Momma! Welcome home!) 







Summer bubbles...

Summer bubbles...

Bubbles can surprise you. Once when I was washing dishes a bright beautiful bubble came out of the soap bottle as I tried to pour soap into the sink. I always smile when I think of that little bubble. I smile as I think of how I paused amidst the practicality of the moment to watch that little orb gracefully ride the currents of air until it popped.

Bubbles can also be intentional.This summer bubbles have graced the air intentionally. I purchased three little soapy bottles, I've held little bubble sticks, and I've blown air through the form of my lips. I've specifically tried to make bubbles fly and float in the air around me. It has been splendid.

Though I am technically an adult there are some things that I don't think I want to ever "grow out" of. I never want to grow out of playing with bubbles, reading picture books, and finding interest in the little things.


Have you taken time to blow bubbles this summer?
What is one thing you hope to never "grow out" of?


Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer tea and poetry...

It is still summer time, but in just over three weeks I will begin college classes and have a very full schedule.

With the reality of school about to begin I'm trying to soak up the last few weeks of summer with my family and those that are near to my heart.

Today my Sissy and I went to a thrift store for a bit of shopping and sister time. I came across a lovely little tray for 50 cents while out and about. It had such a cheerful summer pattern!

And, earlier this week a lovely young woman named Stephani sent me a few little packs of tea through a mutual friend. It was so sweet of her to give me the tea!

Once I had arrived back home I suddenly realized that three of the tea packs and my favorite teacup would look lovely with the new tray. So, I cooked dinner and then went off to photograph a lovely summer tea time.

Summer Tea

Summer tea packs

Summer tray

A good accompaniment to summer tea is reading a bit of summer poetry.

Indigo Sky
Candace Pearson

Crickets write a summer night
with long, jazzy notes
scratched again indigo sky.
Their song slices through clouds,
seesaws off the rising moon,
bounces back from stars.

Loud, louder, loudest
still they play
until no one stays asleep.
Spider, fox, mouse and mole
crawl from their beds to listen
and watch fireflies light the show.
I hope you're having a lovely start to August.

Another bit of wonderful news before I go...

My amazing Momma is coming home! We get to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. Hooray!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thrifted finds...

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a splendid week so far.

This past weekend I enjoyed a thrift store adventure and wanted to share some of my lovely finds with you.

The first few finds were two skirts and a t-shirt. I specifically purchased two skirts that will be nice with tights and sweaters for autumn. Speaking of autumn, I'm very much so looking forward to wearing tights, sweaters, and hats. Autumn is my very favorite season. And, the t-shirt is a Charlie Brown t-shirt! It made me smile and had been worn enough by its previous owner that it is extra soft.

Then I found six small Casual Elegance Hearthside plates...

Thrifted plate
Thrifted plate...

Then there was a lovely piece of framed art...

Thrifted art in evening sun

Thrifted Art

Lastly, I found just the right size backpack for a little over $3. I needed a backpack for college that wasn't too big or too small and I found one that was just the right size. Hooray!

Have you been on any thrift store adventures this week?
What is your favorite season?