Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The big sipper...

I like tea. It's true!

I drink herbal (caffeine free) tea all year round. I usually have a cup in the morning and I often enjoy a cup in the evening right after dinner or before bed. Then once fall and winter arrive I usually enjoy afternoon tea too.

My favorite is a simple peppermint tea and at bedtime I enjoy drinking sleepy time tea. I just recently tried sleepy time tea with vanilla and it is so very yummy too! A sweet friend of mine earlier this year purchased me loose tea and a steeper that is lovely too. Though, I haven't been able to go on a tea time adventure to purchase more loose teas. Though, that is something I hope to do in the coming months.

So, as you can see, I like tea! This past week while I was house sitting I went to a cabinet to select a mug for my tea. A red and white striped handle caught my eye. (Sometimes I can be rather fond of stripes.) Then I read the words on one side of the mug- Big Sipper!

I smiled and made little cheerful noises! The big sipper, a word play off of the big dipper. That mug was instantly a smile inducing object.

Big Sipper

Today I wanted to share a picture of it with all of you.

Do you prefer tea, coffee, or cocoa?
And, has a cup or mug ever made you smile?



  1. Hi Sarah! This is Stephani, Sara Beth's friend :] I just remembered about your blog today and thought I'd read your recent posts! I think you have a lovely blog :)
    As for your questions: I prefer coffee! I do love tea, but coffee is my absolute favorite :) and my current favorite mug looks like a very large teacup covered in a feather design, and the one that makes me smile is a commemorative mug for Charles and Diana's 10th wedding anniversary (with a nice full image of the two of them in their royal wedding regalia!). It's cheesy in an awesome sort of way.
    Central Market has a very interesting selection of loose leaf tea, and you fill the bag yourself so you can buy just enough for one cup until you find one you really like.
    I hope you've been well!
    Have a great Thursday :)

    1. Hi, Stephani!

      Thank you for taking time to read and leave such a wonderful comment today!
      I hope you are well!

      That's great! Do you have a favorite kind of coffee?

      Oh! That feather teacup sounds pretty.
      And, how interesting about the commemorative mug of Charles and Diana. =)

      Thanks for the tip! Laura mentioned that to me a few months ago. I need to schedule a time to go on a tea adventure there. =)

      Life has been very blessed lately!

      Thank you! =)

      I hope you are very well too.

  2. i have to say that i LOVE tea, coffee and cocoa. especially on these chilly winter days. and i do have a mug that makes me smile, it's an owl mug from antrho. i heart it.

    cute post!

    1. Hello!

      Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy all three? =)

      That sounds great! Knowing anthro, I'm sure it is adorable.

      Thank you for coming by!

  3. I drink coffee in the morning and peppermint tea in the afternoon, i feel it aids with digestions.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for leaving a comment.
      I definitely agree about mint tea! I think it helps too.


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