Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012...

Over the weekend my family and I went on a road trip near San Antonio. We were there to attend a family reunion. Today I wanted to share a few pictures and stories from the trip with all of you.

I'll be honest and state that the trip didn't go quite as expected for me health wise. By the time we arrived at where we were to stay for the weekend I pretty much had an emotional melt down. My body was in Fibro pain, I was pretty exhausted, and emotional. So, I ended up taking the entire day on Saturday to rest. I was very sorry to miss the time with extended family, but it was what I needed.

I learned a few things about traveling with my health issues even with how well I've been feeling this year. I learned that it is important to allow lots of time for stops. That it is important to find ways to relax and not stress along the way. I also realized that it is still really hard to make health choices when extended family is involved. The knowledge from this trip wasn't pleasant to garner, but it will benefit me greatly if I ever plan travels in the future.(And, we were able to apply some of that knowledge on the drive home which helped me have a much better trip back!)

Even though I'm feeling incredibly well with improved health this year, I still have chronic health issues. And, I'm still learning to live well and not overdue. Thankfully I have the incredible support of many around me. I'm so thankful for my parents and siblings and how caring and loving they were amidst the difficult times on the trip. I'm also thankful to say that there are many people in my life that are also supportive, understanding, and encourage me to be wise.  

Even though there were unexpected difficulties with the trip there were still great memory making times! So, I would like to share some of those great things too!

When we were on our way to San Antonio we stopped at a lovely little park. I enjoyed taking a few pictures when I stretched my legs.

The hedges and swirly path were so pretty I just had to snap a few photos there.

On Saturday I spent most of the day resting in bed or on the couch, but I'm glad that I got to enjoy some of the view outside my windows. There were gorgeous brown cows grazing in the early morning sunshine, incredible blue sky that was later filled with clouds that mesmerized me, and a Mockingbird that really liked the sound of his own voice. I was able to take a little bit of time to snap a few quick photos of all of those things. And, thanks to my Daddy's cow-attention-getting-skills I even have a picture of the cow looking at me. (Thanks, Daddy!)

That blue sky and the gorgeous clouds were truly mesmerizing. Looking at the incredible sky reminded me of Psalm 8:3-4. And, the cows made me smile.

On Sunday I was thankfully feeling well enough to attend the end of our family reunion. The reunion was held at a lodge near a lovely river. I was able to visit with family a little, watch my brother swim and jump off of rocks, and enjoy the fresh air a little bit. I even found a gorgeous rock spot to sit on that was above the river with a lovely view.

That rock was my favorite. It was a lovely spot to sit.

As we drove back home we stopped at a rest stop to eat a little bit. There were some truly lovely flowers, a rock "river", and one of the most incredible windows I've ever seen!

Enjoying a little stop on the drive home.

Wheel Window1
This was the most amazing window I've ever seen!

The trip had difficulties, but it also had incredibly blessed times of memory making.
I give thanks for the time.
I give thanks for the difficult for it helped me garner knowledge.
And, I give thanks for all the wonderful memories that were made too!



  1. I'm glad you're learning and making the best of the situation, and that you were still able to enjoy the trip! Great photos!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!
      I'm glad that I continue learning too.

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked the photos. =)


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