Friday, July 6, 2012

Smile moment...

Summer Smile...

I really mean that. You should smile. Have a smile moment.

Have you smiled today?

Take a moment, think of something lovely.

You may think of the bright sun and how it graces the summer grass.
You may think of gentle breezes that grace your skin with a touch of coolness.
You may think of starry skies with a thoughtful moon.

Think of something lovely and let the smile spread across your face.

It may be a little smile, a smirk really.
It may be a great big grin.
It may be a smile that is so true that your eyes sparkle too.

Let the smile spread across your face.

There is something to smile about today.
So, I hope you'll smile along with me.

Happy Friday to you! I hope this post brought an extra smile or two.



  1. Replies
    1. Hooray! I'm glad that it made you smile. =)

  2. what a great post. this is wonderful:) thanks for helping me smile

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that it helped you smile.
      Thanks for leaving a comment! =)


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