Friday, July 20, 2012

Sixth months...

Dream time...

Today I have been in a courtship with Luke for 6 months.
(You can read the beginning of the story in poetry form here.)

These first six months have been very blessed.
This relationship has caused me to smile, grow, learn, give thanks, and so much more.
I'm thankful for Luke and his continued kindness, thoughtfulness, deep thoughts, prayers, and the way he makes me laugh.
I'm thankful for the way God is guiding us.
These sixth months have been a time of making so many memories.
We've gone on a book store adventure, encouraged one another, attended prom, graduated, enjoyed times of music, slurped many pineapple milkshakes, shared good times of conversation, laughed, and made so many more memories.
Not everything is easy. There have been difficult things, but that's okay.
I don't think a healthy relationship is about avoiding difficulty, but instead walking well (and honoring God) through the difficult times together. (Though, I do not claim to be an expert in relationships!) In life there are joyous times as well as difficult times.
By God's grace we're growing, learning, extending grace, and enjoying this time.

I could write so much more, but some aspects I will simply treasure in my heart.
Part of this blog is documenting a history of my life, so I wanted to take time to document today in a small way.

A few lessons I've been learning along the way...

Accountability is important and a blessing.
Continue to invest in other friendships.
Parents have so much wisdom to offer.
Expressing meaningful thoughtfulness can truly mutually bless. 
And- Honesty, forgiveness, and humility are beautiful things.



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