Saturday, July 28, 2012

Craftistas and other delights...

This evening has been filled with delightful discoveries!

The first was the discovery of a lovely craft subscription called Craftistas!
It is a DIY craft box subscription. I hopped on over and subscribed to their newsletter. I think it is a positively delightful business idea! With the popularity of Pinterest and DIY projects I could definitely see this catching on. It's a way for others to be crafty even when they don't have a ton of time or if they're overwhelmed with so many DIY options. (Shout out to Jenny for tipping me off to the lovely Craftistas.) I'm officially a poor college student having to save money as much as possible, so I can't purchase a subscription at this time. But, I still think it is a splendid business idea! 

The second delightful discovery was a new favorite movie! The movie I watched (and I'm now quite smitten with) is called Miss Minoes. It's actually a Dutch movie! But, I didn't mind it being in another language. Subtitles are wonderful things and I enjoyed listening to another language. If you enjoy quirky, whimsical, imaginative movies you may very well enjoy Miss Minoes.

The third delightful discovery was the pleasant way a picture I took yesterday turned out...

Summer web
Summer web.

Have you had any delightful discoveries this weekend?


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