Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brush strokes on blank canvas...


Back in May I wrote about the blank canvas that was before me.
I spoke of the uncertainty.

I made a declaration-

"So, life, with your big blank canvas chapter waiting for me...
I'm coming.
With paints in their bottles, with brushes in my pocket, with a flower in my hair; I'm coming to begin the new chapter and new painting for my life gallery."

I meant it.

I prayed. I began to look at the bottles and brushes that I have available to use in this season and began to make little brush strokes. And, God in His goodness has been guiding me. He has also been providing me with unexpected new paints along the way.

I'm painting. I'm not letting the unknown daunt me.
God is guiding.

I will begin college at the end of August.
I plan to become a Library Technician.
It seems that it would be a good fit for me.
I'm beginning slowly with three classes to see how my health does.
But, I've begun painting on this canvas.
And, who knows, maybe I'll one day become a full fledged librarian.
Or, I may simply receive the Associates Degree  and begin to work.

By grace God is guiding me on this new adventure of painting this canvas for my life gallery.
He is also providing little job opportunities, grant money for tuition, and many other blessings along the way.

So, life, I'm painting.
One lovely brushstroke (and sometimes not so lovely brush stroke) at a time.
The ultimate Artist is guiding me and encouraging me each brushstroke along the way.
I'm excited for the adventure of the living and the painting.
I have no guarantee of tomorrow, so each day I will simply paint the strokes for that day.

And, college, I'm ready.
A little bit shy, a little bit nervous, but given the grace needed to walk well.
I'm coming. You're an adventure of learning that will begin in just over a month.



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