Monday, June 18, 2012

The umbrella time...

A Magnificent Monday to you!
I hope that on this Monday you are finding something magnificent to smile about even if you have the Monday blues.

Every so often it is nice to wear a basic color scheme and carry around a vibrant umbrella.
It really is.

Umbrella day5

I recently wore a black outfit and created a bit of a whimsical photo time to share with all of you.

Umbrella day3

There is just something about playing with an umbrella. You can be a character from an old musical dancing in the rain, a mysterious figure waiting for a train to arrive, a gal that dreams of running away to join the circus and tightrope walk, or simply someone out for a casual stroll on a drizzle day.

Umbrella day1

Sometimes I also like to think that if umbrellas could talk that they would have so very many stories to tell. Yes, they would have so many stories to tell! And, my yellow sunshine umbrella could tell you that I like to prance about, stand beneath it often, and that we've had a good many adventures and times of pleasant strolling. 

On this Monday I think it is magnificent to think about umbrella adventures and the many stories umbrellas could tell if they indeed could talk.

What is one Magnificent thing about your Monday?
If umbrellas could talk, would yours have stories to tell?

May your Mondays be magnificent!



  1. Oh how wonderful! Nice pictures! I'm really liking your blog! It's just so 'happy' and 'bright' :)I see your point in the "umbrella - talking" part.. It's funny how much such a little thing as an umbrella actually experience.. Like a tree or an apple for example.. I'm on my way to the 'follow' button now :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and the post.

      I'm so glad that you are enjoying my blog and that you find it happy and bright. Those are two marvelous adjectives.

      Yes, it is fun to imagine the things that little items would see or experience if they were alive and able to tell a tale.

      Thanks for following my blog! I'm so blessed by splendid readers like you.

      Happy first day of summer to you! =)


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