Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer glow sticks...

A very Magnificent Monday to you!

As I sit and type this I'm honestly quite sleepy, a bit sore, but cheerful.
This afternoon my family and I went swimming and also invited Luke and his family to come too.
It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon! So, one magnificent thing about my Monday was swimming with wonderful people.

Even though I'm tired I wanted to take time to share a few fun photos with all of you!
Over this past weekend my family and I celebrated my youngest brother's birthday. For one of his birthday gifts I purchased him glow sticks. He decided that he wanted to have a creative photo-shoot with me that night. So, we waited until it was dark enough then we went outside and captured a few creative glow-stick shots! It was fun being creative with him.

We both hope you enjoy looking at them!






What was one magnificent thing about your Monday?

May your Mondays be magnificent!


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