Monday, June 4, 2012

A Monday surprise...

Hello everyone!

I hope that you've truly had a Magnificent Monday!

I've had an overwhelmingly Magnificent Monday!
It's been a great day.

One of the many reason why it has been a great day is...

Luke bought me a ukulele as a surprise!

He picked me up today and as he opened the car door for me I saw something in my seat. There sitting in the seat was a ukulele for me. I'm pretty sure that my mouth was hanging open, I made some exciting sounds, and asked some silly questions.
Do you know what made it even better?
He had one sitting in his seat too. There were two ukuleles all ready to begin making some music.
We both get to learn to play them and continue having fun making music together.

I'm not easy to surprise, but goodness, he surprised me!

Here are a few quick pictures of the ukulele...



And, I went and purchased a book to begin learning how to make pretty sounds with my little ukulele.


Now, I don't particularly think that I'm a "dummy", but this book seemed very informative and even has an audio disc.

There may be a vlog someday in the coming months with some ukulele fun. But, we'll see how it goes.  

Now a few questions for you, my dear readers...
Are you easy to surprise?
What has been special about your Monday?

As always, may your Mondays be Magnificent!



  1. Aww how fun! My roommate has a ukulele and it seriously makes me feel like we're on vacation when she plays it :)

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment!

      That sounds lovely! I'm glad that you get to enjoy hearing her play it.
      I'm so excited to learn to play mine. =)


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