Friday, June 22, 2012

Memories and moments to treasure...

There are times in life when memories and moments unfold in wonderfully unexpected ways. Perhaps, those memories and moments are a bit like paper lanterns...


Each little lantern is a celebration, special, and unique. And, they are each tucked within the green branches of the tree as little celebratory reminders. There are types of memories that can be cherished for their uniqueness and that are then tucked away into your heart to treasure and think upon.

Often times, those moments that are cherished and tucked away become woven into poetry, a song, a collaged art piece, or inspire a perspective for a photograph. And, each time one sees that poem, hears that song, touches that collage, or glances at the photograph it helps in the cherishing of the memory.

Many times when moments and memories so preciously unfold I whisper a heart thanks for them. And then, as I take time to write it within the blank spaces of my journal I'm overwhelmed and whisper heart thanks anew.

Yesterday I experienced moments and memories like that. Moments and memories that I will treasure in my heart and that I long to weave into a poem, a song, or a collage. (And, as of this post they have already inspired photography with the little lanterns.) They were moments wrapped in family time, moments watching my parents love each other, moments that happened while live jazz music played, conversations on swings and around favorite milkshakes. Memories and moments to be treasured, but also subtly woven into creativity.

Again I whisper heart thanks for the moments, the memories, and the time of yesterday.

Yes, I whisper heart thanks and smile.


Do you know the sort of memories and moments that I speak of?
The sort that you cherish and treasure in your heart?

I hope you do.


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