Friday, June 8, 2012

Little lovely cupcakes...

Cupcakes are such sweet little things.
Yes, they are sweet with the sugar, but they can also be sweet in their style.
Cute cupcakes often make me smile.

For graduation I made a mini-army of cupcake cuteness. For each one I made a celebratory flag out of lollipop sticks from the local craft store and a roll of cabinet paper liner from a dollar store. It took a lot of time to measure, cut, fold, and put together each little flag. I'll admit that there was a part of me after I'd finished putting them all together that was a bit frustrated with the fact that it took more time than I had planned on. But, when I took time to take pictures of those celebratory flags in the sunshine I smiled once again and they seemed worth it.

In the whirlwind of graduation I didn't think much more of those sweet little flags, but then a precious little moment occurred! A precious little girl was walking around at the party with one of my flags in each hand. She was going around showing them to everyone with pure amazement and joy in her eyes. She even came by me to show me those little celebratory things.

When the little one went and showed my Momma the flags my Momma smiled and told her, "Did you know that Sarah made those?"

The eyes of the little one went wide and she said with amazement, "Sarah made them?"

My Momma smiled and said while she pointed, "Yes. That's her in the blue dress."

The little one came over to me and held up those celebration flags as she asked with wonder, "You made these?"

I smiled and said, "Yes."

She replied simply with a heartfelt, "Wow."

Oh the preciousness of childlike wonderment! Too often I miss those little things.
Yet, I long to view the world with such a wonder and thankfulness of the little things.
In some ways childishness is not good, but there are some aspects in which childishness is magnificent.

So, little flags of celebration, I'll twirl you like that little one and wave you for everyone to see. Yes, little treasures, little moments, and simplicity, I'm going to enjoy you with wonder in my blue eyes and a smile on my lips.


When was the last time you truly saw and enjoyed "cupcake flags of celebration" or other such moments?



  1. Awww. What a sweet little story. And I'm thoroughly hungry for a cupcake now! Happy Friday!

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable! I love the flags! Fabulous.


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