Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair happenings...

When I was a young teen I had my hair cut super short. I remember the moment that I decided to make the change, go short, and donate my long hair. It felt great.

As the years passed by, little by little I would let it grow longer instead of cutting it shorter again.

I enjoy long hair, but the last three or four months I've been thinking about cutting it short again. I wanted to change things up and have a little bit of fun with my hair. There has been so much wonderful change in my life this year. (God has blessed me so much!)
I think that part of my desire to cut my hair has been that I wanted an outward expression of the change I'm living in this year.

My health has been so much better, I'm growing as a person, I'm in a relationship with a great guy, I completed my GED, I graduated, I had another birthday, and the list goes on and on. I felt ready for an outward declaration of saying, "Hey! This year is filled with newness and change and I'm enjoying it!"

So, yesterday I sat down in a chair and my wonderful hair dresser cut off my long locks and formed a new style upon my head.

Goodbye long hair...

Before haircut...
Hello new hair...

New hair

It will take some getting used to and I'm having to figure out the new "angles" of my face when it comes to photographs, but I'm truly enjoying it so far! It is so much cooler, new, fresh, and fun.

Do you prefer long or short hair for yourself?
Have you ever simply wanted to change up your look?


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