Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear summer...

Dear summer,

As of today the calendar officially says you're here. Though, honestly, I felt you arrived the week after I walked across that graduation stage. Summer, I'm dreaming, soaking up your moments of sunshine, family time, and memory making.

Summer, you bring some lovely happenings for a few months. Yes, indeed you do.

You bring things like sunshine and strawberries...

Summer yums...

You bring blue skies with clouds flying by...

Summer sky...

You bring cheerful nail polish that soon becomes chipped from all the barefeet adventures and swimming excursions...

Summer toes...

You bring short hair to celebrate the newness.
You bring planning times for the fall.
You bring family time that is dear to my heart.
You bring so many possibilities.

Dear summer, I hope that while you're here this year I'll also...

Blow bubbles,
Swing even more,
Share truth in love,
Get my room the most organized it has ever been,
Go on a fun vacation,
Read and read some more,
Write and write pages of words,
Enjoy and invest in friendships,
Spend time with someone I'm fond of,
Be creative with my Sissy,
Plan a marvelous afternoon with Little Buddy,
Go on a special outing with my big-little brother,
Have an early morning breakfast with my Papa Bear,
And enjoy some precious Momma time.

There are other things I hope to do, but I don't want to overload you.
So, I'll begin with that simple list.

Summer, I'm glad you're here.
You are a unique summer filled with planning, fun, memory making, and preparation.

Yes, I'm glad that you are here.


P.S. To you, my splendid readers, what would you tell summer if you wrote it a letter?

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  1. Summer brings meals full of grilling, time spent catching up on the reading of good books, and spending time making memories with special friends.


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