Thursday, June 7, 2012

Angry bird fruit pizza: DIY...

Today I would like to share an Angry bird fruit pizza do-it-yourself!

I was inspired by this angry bird pizza that a mom made for one of her boys.
This past weekend there was a surprise birthday party for a sweet girl named Hope. I had sent her mom a link to that dinner pizza post awhile back since I knew that Hope liked angry birds a lot. For the surprise party I was asked to make two angry bird treats to enjoy. So, I came up with a yummy and fun way to have an angry bird dessert.

Angry Bird DIY

Ingredients needed:

2 containers of fresh strawberries
1 8oz container of strawberry cream cheese
Dark purple grapes (about 12)
Yellow fruit roll ups
Sugar cookie dough
Pizza stone or cookie sheet
Sweetened plain cream cheese

Angry Bird


1. Begin by rolling out cookie dough onto a pizza stone or a round cookie sheet.
Bake as directed for cookie dough.

2. Once cookie dough has baked and cooled begin to create the angry bird by creating two circles for the eyes out of the sweetened plain cream cheese. I recommend creating the eyes toward the upper center of the cookie dough.

3. Take the strawberry cream cheese and begin spreading it around the eyes. Continue to spread the strawberry cream cheese on the cookie dough, but leave a triangle shaped space below the eyes for the white cream cheese.

4. Now take the white cream cheese and fill in the triangle to create the belly of the angry bird.

5. Rinse your grapes and chop each grape in half. Create a wide "V" just above the eyes for the angry eyebrows. Also, place half of a grape in each "eye" of white cream cheese for the eyeballs.

6. Take the fruit roll ups and pull off sections of yellow. Shape the fruit roll ups into parts of the beak and place onto the cream cheese. 

7. Rinse and chop up lots of strawberries. Once strawberries are chopped begin placing the pieces onto the the strawberry cream cheese. (Tip: Do not place the strawberries on the white eyes or belly section. Also, place the strawberry pieces where the outside (the part with the seeds) is facing up. That part of the strawberries has a redder hue and will make your angry bird look redder instead of pinkish.)

There you have it! An angry bird fruit pizza!
Sometime soon I may make another angry bird dessert pizza.
If I do I will be sure to take step by step photos to add to this post. (I didn't have time to take step by step photos this past weekend.)


If you have any questions feel free to email me or ask in a comment.



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