Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today I would like you to meet a delightful little critter...

I named it Toady. (And, I may have a soundbite from D.W. off of the Arthur show to blame for that being the first little name to come to mind.)

Let me tell you the story of Toady...

On a wet and stormy day over a week and a half ago I had to run an errand with my Momma. 
Upon arriving home as I opened the car door I noticed that little critter was hopping close to our steps.
I froze, grabbed my Momma's arm and said quite excitedly, "Momma! Look! It's a toad!"

I do not know why little things in life are so exciting to me. But, they often are.
And, my family is quite used to my daily enthusiasm for the little things and my exuberant reactions when I notice them.

So, as I held onto my Momma's arm and sat there watching I excitedly waited to see what Toady would do next. I got to watch the little critter hop up the porch and after awhile Momma and I headed to go inside. Toady stayed still and I was able to closely watch it and see it hop in front of me. It hopped off of the porch over to an area of rocks. 

After watching awhile I decided to dash into the house and grab my camera to take Toady's picture. It was such a well behaved little thing! It let me take pictures and get the settings just right to get enough lighting without using the flash.

Once I achieved the picture I bid Toady goodbye and headed inside.

The rest of the evening I had sparkly eyes and goofy joyfulness over that little toad. 
My family laughed and enjoyed seeing me so excited over something so small.

I'm thankful for family and friends that love me in all my goofy exuberance. 

Have you ever gotten so excited over a little critter?



  1. Not excited about wild animals but upset, I don't like when poor birds get stuck in garages or eaten by our dogs ( I have cried as a teenager over birds)! I even rescued a frog/toad from the window (second story!) using a paper towel because I am squeamish. I used to never, ever kill the ants that came in the house.
    I do get excited about kitties.

    1. Hi, Rachel!

      I don't like it when little animals get trapped either. I don't think there is any shame in crying over little animals- it is a sign of a caring heart. I've done that too.

      That was very sweet of you to help that frog/toad even though you are squeamish. =)

      Oh, yes! Kitties are very exciting! I enjoy snuggling with my two cats and enjoy seeing little baby kittens too.


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