Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking time to dance...

This week has been very, very, very full and busy.
But, all of it is good.
I've had some wonderful times of creativity, great times of productivity, and accomplished a lot.
Tomorrow I'll walk onto a stage and share a graduation day poem aloud, then later in the ceremony I'll watch a picture slideshow of my life glide across a screen, and I will walk across the stage to become a graduate.
After all that ceremonial excitement  I'll get to visit with friends, family, and then celebrate at a fun and festive time.

Amidst all of the busy, planning, accomplishing, and creativity this week I haven't had much time to blog.
But, that's okay. I'm living life. And, next week I'll have lots of lovely to share.

In the meantime, know that I'm taking deep breaths, enjoying these adventures, getting out in sunshine, and best of all...taking time to dance.

Forest adventures6 dance

I look forward to sharing lots of lovely with you soon!

I hope you're taking time to dance too. (Don't worry, it is totally okay to dance by yourself. The picture above was taken early one morning this week with the self timer on my camera. I was enjoying the morning with just my dog Annie and the birds around when I danced a little bit.)



  1. Enjoy it Sarah, it is incredible how quickly it goes by. I would swear I graduated high school yesterday -- all of a sudden you're 25, working full time, married and house hunting! It's crazy!

    1. Thank you for the advice, Sarah!
      I'm enjoying this season for sure. =)


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