Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I bid goodbye to blossoms…

Luke gave me beautiful Carnations when he took me to prom.
And, I absolutely enjoyed them. They smelled wonderful, looked beautiful, and were all around grand.
But, as flowers do they began to fade and were looking too dreary to stay in the vase much longer.

As I thought of the flowers I decided to take a few more pictures of them before they went away.

I went outside with my Desi and began taking pictures of the flowers.

Then, I decided that I wanted to have a few pictures of me with the flowers.

As I was taking pictures I had a moment of instant inspiration!

I thought to myself, "I'll make a whimsy flower chain crown!
Oh! And, I'll put on a dress and my boots and I'll have a whimsy photo-shoot!"

I dashed inside calling out to my family, "I have a creative idea! I'm so excited!"
(My family is rather accustomed to such creative outbursts from me.)

So, I slipped into one of my Momma's old piano recital dresses.
(She wore it back in Junior High!)
I pulled on some socks and my favorite pair of boots.
(Well, favorite next to my rainboots. But, this was not a rainboot occasion.)
Then, I was off to make the floral crown.

My sweet Sissy offered to take pictures for me so that I didn't have to run back and forth working with the self-timer.

Oh my! It was such fun!
I got to prance about all whimsically, twirl, smell the last fragrant scents of the blooms, twirl ribbon, spend time with a butterfly, and laugh with my amazing Sissy. (I'm fairly certain that the neighbors officially think I'm crazy, but I was having too much fun to really care.)

Though I had to bid the flowers goodbye, the photo time was the perfect ending to their floral life.

Enjoy the whimsy fun!



  1. I love flower garlands and wreathes, such pretty whimsy :)

  2. Oooh, I love the flower crown and fancy dress photo shoot-you have a sweet sister.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel!
      I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

      Yes, I'm extremely blessed to have such a wonderful sister.


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