Saturday, May 12, 2012

A full month and picture fun...

Hey everyone!

May is such a crazy month for me! (And, I imagine it is for many other people too!)
There is so much writing on the calendar squares and such a little amount of blank spots.
All of it is good, productive, growing, or all of those things combined. But, it is very full.
So, blogging my be a little more sporadic than usual.

This week the other home-school graduates in my co-op got together for group graduation pictures. It was a time of lots of laughter, smiles, silliness, and making memories. I took a few of my favorites and edited them. I wanted to share them with you today. 

Taking steps into the future...I don't know what steps are ahead of me after graduation, but I'm trusting God's lead.

It should be stated that balloons make me ridiculously happy. And, when balloons and a camera are involved in a time of fun it is even more wonderful.

In a field with wildflowers and a balloon. Yes, I was one happy gal.
And, there we are the 2012 graduating class. Graduation is feeling more and more real.
Is May a full month for you?

Well, I'm off to a wedding later today and looking forward to it.
I hope you enjoy this weekend and all of the little moments that make up the time.


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